Your Outer World Reveals Your Inner World a look around you right now. Is your space ordered and neat? Is it seemingly a mess yet you know where and what everything is? Is it just  a mess of piles and you really don’t how to find what you want when you want it?

However your room looks, know that it reveals the state of your mind. When you experience disorganization in your space you likely experience disorganization in your life, in your daily activities. Same holds true for neat rooms  and orderly thinking.

Do you know anyone who perpetually is organizing their space yet never seems to make any progress? Know that person intimately?

If tackling a disorganized room, house or garden seems like an overwhelming task to do all by yourself then ask friends for help. You may even want to hire some help.

Do you think you want to attract a new partner into your life when you now know how your mind is running? Guess who you will attract with a cluttered mind.

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