Your Brain Creates the World You Live In

Physicists demonstrate that space, seemingly empty space, makes up most of the matter in atoms. Quantum physicists explain that nothing exists as solid matter. Everything perceived as solid is actully a mass of atoms vibrating without touching one another.

So why do objects appear to be solid?

Do your eyes deceive you?

Well, your eyes have little to do with what you see.

Did you ever make a fan disappear OR put your hand inside someone’s body (you know, like faith healers do)?

Well, I did—more than once.

The first time I didn’t even know I did it as my eyes were closed. I was doing energy work on a person. What a weird sensation. My hands kept going down, down down. I wondered, “Where the heck is she? I should have touched her many inches ago!”

My mentor said she thought my hands were going to go all the way through the table after moving through the body.


You really are more space than solid matter. No kidding.

I am not a magician but when I want to, I make things disappear from my sight. 


Okay, some neat things happened when the brain injury (back in 1996) impacted my vision. I learned


There is actually a documented case of a man with no eyes who can see light–different shades of light.

Now let’s return to my experience.

After the brain injury had me seeing walls that wiggled and buildings I knew were not the shape I was seeing, I discovered the brain interprets incoming light. Your eyes do not see. Your brain sees. And my brain, which was most definitely not working the way it used to, saw amazing things.

Okay, I healed–mostly, but I still can play with my eyes and make things move. I enjoy watching 2 dimensional objects appear 3D. hey, I can generate FUN if I ever find myself waiting some place with nothing to read—simply by finding a pattern and moving it about, very much like viewing those 3D pictures. I LOVE those! (I have lots of those books. Hint.)

One “game” I enjoy is making the fan above my bed disappear. And so it does disappear from my vision. Does it go away? Hmm. Quantum physics tells me it ceases to exist. But you probably think it is still there. You’d likely see it–but I don’t.

What’s the upshot of all this experience and sharing? I know what Einstein said is true (okay, he spoke LOTS of metaphysical realities), “Reality is an illusion albeit a persistent one.”

Given that truth, you can see the goings on in your world and in your relationships differently? Your brain does what you tell it to do!


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2 Responses to Your Brain Creates the World You Live In

  1. Ali:
    Great post. Our eyes are but cameras- how we focus and upon what we focus is under the control of our brain. And, when our brain receives an image for which it has no context or rails against pre-conceived notions, it may reject the vision entirely.
    We need to learn to be receptive to the new and novel. And, to act upon those visions to make our lives grand.

    • Ali Bierman says:

      Absolutely, Roy. Back when I was married we had a favorite B&B. Went there often for our anniversary. What i loved was no phone, no radios, no TVs. Then we went there and I kept walking around something without even noting what the heck was in my path. THEN my husband turned ion the TV. I totally didn’t see it! That is when I “got” how much I thought he had to have seen in our lives but actually never did
      That is why I say we see hat we expect to see and what we accept to see..

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