You–the Teacher

Bet you didn’t know what a great teacher you are. Well, all your answers lie within–not outside in somebody else’s head. When you awaken to how you access your answers every day then–well, then watch your life shift into high gear.

People teach what they most want to learn. Speaking as a retired La Leche League Leader (breast feeding expert), former psychotherapist and specialized kinesiologist, I can tell you, in the healing realm, people teach what they want to know more about–so they themselves will benefit.

A colleague described a not-so-mythical service called “Therapist’s Central” as the service that brings each therapist those clients dealing with whatever the therapist most wants or needs to learn to make his own life flow. You see, to be useful, the therapist must stay a step ahead of the client in dealing with his own stuff in the very same area.

You likely heard me say (or at least read my words), ”What you don’t know you don’t know runs your life.” Want to know what you don’t know you don’t know?

Simply look at your life. Look at who is in your life and their issues . Look at how your life runs each day and where you are on your path to your dream. Do you still have a dream? You don’t have to be a therapist to attract people of like mind…which means people in the same or similar place in life.

When I say “teach” I do not necessarily mean in the classroom, When your family and friends have the same issues (known or unknown) as you, and come to you to unload or seek advice, you respond, right?

Now, whatever you tell that person—listen for yourself. The words you speak as an advisor are also for your own ears, your own heart and your own soul. Yes, you say what you most want to know. Only you had no idea you wanted to know it because it was out of your conscious awareness, i.e., what you did not know you did not know.

So pay attention to what you say out loud. Notice the words you choose to use for your friend or family member. Follow the advice you share. It didn’t come from nowhere. Your wisdom came from a deep place inside you where your answers lie.

See? And you thought you were being a good friend. Well, you were being a good friend—to both the other person and to yourself.

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