Wishing and Hoping Do Not Work

http://howtohaveamazingrelationships.com/Ready to have an amazing relationship with a partner? With yourself? With money?

Wishing and hoping are not strategies. Neither emotion serves you or your desired end goal in any way. In fact, if all you ever do is want something then all you will ever manifest is wanting that something.

So how do you get to have amazing relationships with a partner, yourself and money?

You attract who you are. Ask yourself who you have to become so you will choose to take the actions you never took before and finally get what you neverĀ couldĀ get before.

Be. Do. Have.

Oh yeah, by becoming the person who thinks and acts like someone living the reality you desire, you raise your frequency so you vibrate in harmony with all you really desire.

Your frequency of vibration determines what will and will not enter your realm of possible outcomes.

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