Why Worry?

http://howtohaveamazingrelationships.comWhen you worry you misuse your imagination.

How? To worry means you create a scenario that does not now exist–and probably never will – unless your focus becomes so strong you actually create that reality.

Usually past events, with similar harbingers that you may think you now see in your present moment, spark worry. So you take the old fear out of your past (whether the event happened or not) and you place it in your future as a possibility.

Worry does not happen in the now. Live in the now. And when you find your mind wandering to your past stop it cold by simply taking a slow deep breath. Focus on your breath, the entire breath, and you will find instant calm as your mind turns off temporarily.

Want to have an amazing relationship? Stay present, Live in the gift of the present where your imag8ination focuses on what is real rather than what you imagine MIGHT become real.

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