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  Thank you to the amazing Amethyst Mahoney for honoring me  with this   award. Her two fabulous     sites are and Whether or not you “believe”      in  Tarot cards go to both sites, subscribe–you will glad you did.

One accepts this award by doing these three things:

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So now for #2:

1. All my life I’ve composed music in my head all the time. I put myself to sleep with concerti, symphonies and woodwind quintets. DANG! I am the only one who hears them as I cannot write them down–I get too frustrated trying. What I can share are the songs I started writing at age 8 and still do–on the spur of the moment–which comes in extremely handy as I teach through my music. Interestingly I had no clue that not everybody walks around all the time playing original music in their heads until the age of 16.

2.I’ve been health conscious most of my life and fanatical about it since my first pregnancy 39 years ago. People used to think I was so weird only now my habits are becoming mainstream and my friends who used to laugh at me now do what I do–well, in terms of diet anyway. Few of them do my workouts. I get so high working out. Why wouldn’t you want to do it?

3.Being a stay-at-home mom was the greatest gift of my life. And I use that term loosely as I raised two performing kids. Both started at age 4 and went professional at age 11 so, frankly, we were always at lessons, rehearsals, performances and auditions (oh yeah and art classes and soccer year round too). I recall one day my daughter had an audition in Baltimore back-to-back with one in Philadelphia. There were days we drove the entire circumference of the D.C. Beltway. Stay-wtih-kids Mom is more accurate than stay-at-home mom. How blessed am I to have spent so much time with them? They were my life and I still love them more than anything. Pretty neat, huh?

4. In 1996 ,while working as a psychotherapist in crisis care a client attacked me leaving me disabled with a brain injury. For 3 years I had to talk myself into making it through each day. Everything was a monumental struggle with dizziness so severe  I could not even keep my eyes open. THEN I learned that we control how we are, that we make our reality. So after the doctors pronouncement, “This is as good as it gets. Learn to live with it.” I chose to heal. And I did heal.  I did not recover my previous intellectual prowess and physical balance to my former degree but I am here functioning really well (if you overlook my many typos). And that is why I am so fanatical about helping others heal. AND, bottom line is, all injuries and issues stem from vulnerabilities caused my relationship disconnects–hence my focus on relationships.

5 .I am a writing fiend. I recall the day, I was 6, when I learned my first words: run, jump, skip. I was outside hiding behind bushes and every time I observed someone doing any of those acts I wrote the word down. Been writing ever since – my first book at 8, next at 9, third at 10. It is an absolute addiction. Have to make myself stop or I’D NEVER SLEEP. HONEST.

6. Ah the joys of cooking! People tell me I am a fantastic highly creative chef. I go shopping and buy the things I never heard of and guess how to cook them. Usually I do great. When I cook for friends they love it but sure do give me funny looks watching what I choose to throw together! I “taste” things in my mind–that is how I cook. Rarely do I physically taste as I go along. I’ve been cooking since the age of 4 so I have many years of experience.

7. Though I do not believe in religion, I am extremely spiritual and very in tune with my Spirit /Higher Self–the part of me that is the All-Is-One. I love teaching others how to accomplish that deep connection as part of my metaphysical ministry. I am an ordained metaphysical minister.

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7 Responses to Versatile Blogger Award

  1. Great data. Lucky me I reach on your web site by accident, I bookmarked it.

  2. Thanks for the award and link, Ali.

    It sounds like you started many adventures (cooking, writing, music) early in life. 🙂

    • Ali Bierman says:

      Thank you, Michelle. Your ultimate blog challenges got me in the habit of posting daily rather than simply writing loads of articles for ezinearticles–now I wirte them here and use their plug-in for double duty.
      I also have become more visible with increased traffic, showing up higher in searches and getting organic traffic independent of the bog challenge site. Can’t tell you how many ways my business and my life changed because of your site. Thank you.
      Yes, I started my adventures back as a young kid–which is why I have so many passions now!

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