Relationships: How the Universe Helps You Honor the One You Have With You

The Universe always works perfectly, doesn’t it?

When we might feel tempted to go against our inner beliefs the Universe creates the circumstances that prevent us from not being true to who we really are.

I just moved into my house. It is about 1/4 mile from a major highway and only a few feet from a busy state route.

[To fill you in..All my life I wanted to live in the country. What an idyllic view/dream I had of what country living would be like. So I moved out on a ridge away from town and pretty much everything.

I could see the Owyhee Mountains of Oregon out my front windows and part of the Rockies (I think) out my back windows. The view was breathtaking – well, for high desert. Things here are mostly brown as opposed to the East part of the US where things are beautifully green.

So there I was loving my new location, finally realizing a life long dream.

Then my cat transitioned, my best friend and companion for 17 years left his cat suit and left me alone in the country—with the mice.

I had no clue how much my Bundle of Love (as I called him) protected me from mice and spiders. With him gone the mice went on a rampage. They destroyed my clothes, my papers, my stuff—and they left a disgusting mess everywhere.

When I finally decided to fight back and put out poison (it totally freaked me out seeing them in traps so I used the poison that they grabbed  and returned to all their hiding places, as recommended by my country friends.

Well, bad idea. Now they were dying inside the walls. The stench was unbelievable!

I’ll leave it at that. Don’t want you to lose your breakfast—or whatever you recently enjoyed eating.

Then the spiders went wild proliferating so fast I could not keep up. Worst part—they bit me while I slept—poisonous, very poisonous spiders bit me repeatedly. I was very sick with terribly sore fingers—where they bit me–for many months.

And that was just part of the problem.

The farmer across the street and behind my property hired a crop duster to spray his fields.

Okay, watching the pilot was like watching a ballet. Amazing. Simply amazing artistry.

But hey, he was buzzing over my house. Looked like he was hoing to land in my living room!

Do you really think he wasn’t dripping something or the wind wasn’t blowing that poison on this organic health fanatic’s house and garden? OR getting into the ground water that fed our well?

Unfortunately I could go on and on with the issues of country living. I will spare you any further details. I just want you to get a really clear picture of how much I didn’t want to live in the suburbs by a highway EXCEPT I needed to get away from country life, far away, for a while.

So now back to my house by the busy main streets maybe one mile from the town center and just 10 minutes from the state capital, Boise, Idaho.

You’d expect in such a location I would get good reception for internet and television, right? Guess again.

And what a gift that turns out to be–not the internet, the TV part.

I stopped watching TV 15 years ago. I feel like watching television wastes my time and my life. I feel like I a vegetative automaton watching the actors do what they love to do while I waste away.

That is how I feel. Besides it is very rare for any television show to capture and hold my attention. I’d rather be creating something or reading and using my imagination.

That is me.

I do own a television so I can catch my kids when they are on. Otherwise I use my TV for my exercises and watching educational films and movies. (I am addicted to learning. I can never get too much new and exciting info about the Universe  and how it works. Guess that is why my high school teachers called me The Computer and my friend calls me Encyclopedia.)

I thought I’d plug in the TV to see what is on these days. No channels came in. Nothing—nothing but the home shopping network—my favorite, right? (Gag)

See the gift?

I have no incentive to start watching TV. I get to continue living my life the way I like it.

I LOVE how everything always works so perfectly. I get to honor the relationship I have enjoyed with me being me as I am for so long.

Not that I don’t change. I love change. But television and me? No thanks. Not for me. I do not want the negative energy emitted by the violence and the bad news and the murders of the so-called popular shows.

Before you write and tell me about all the wonderful educational interesting programs you watch let me say—great. Do what you like and honor yourself for being you and living true to you.

You are not me and I am not you. And that difference makes the world an interesting place for all of us, yes? I just caution you to ask yourself, “Do you truly enjoy watching what you watch and do you sleep peacefully well at night and awaken all refreshed and raring to go, full of energy and vitality?”

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