Time Bending Lets You Do More in 24

Do you ever feel like you don’t have enough time to do everything you want to do in a day? What if you could slow down time and get more that 24 hours into each seeming 24 hour slot.?

One of my first experiences of Deepak Chopra included an exercise he proposed – to stop a clock. He directed the reader to look at an analog clock and, solely through thought and intention, stop the movement of the hands.

I was unable to make the hands stop moving all those years ago. While I have not actually tried that experiment again I do something my mentor describes as time bending.

Theses days I work in dimensions beyond the five physical senses so my experiences often seem inexplicable to the casual observer. I cannot explain what I do. What I know is that I set an intention to do the amount of work in about 2 hours that would normally take an entire day. And I complete that work easily, efficiently, and without stress in the two hour time period.

Lest you think I am imagining the situation, know that some of our classes required all of us students to bend time along with our teacher to accomplish the full day’s lesson plan in less time to accommodate schedules of classmates.

I’ve been bending time consciously for two years now. Set an intention of what you want to accomplish. Give it energy then let it go. I never look at a clock until I finish my planned activity. I always feel pleasantly surprised to have most of the day left to do other things.

You will not see it until you are ready and you believe it.

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