The Opposite of Love Is…

The other day I shared what I discovered about the concepts of Love and Hate. They are not opposing notions but opposite ends of the same emotional continuum.

What then, is the opposite of love?

Take moment and think about how you feel when you know you do not love something or someone. What is going on inside you?

Really. Take a moment. Think of a few different things, events or people you definitely never did love or hate either.

Well, maybe discerning your feelings on the spur of the moment is a tad more effort than you want to exert right now so I will tell you the opposite of love is apathy.

Apathy means not caring one way or the other.

When you feel apathy toward a person or thing you just plain do not feel affected by whether or not that person of thing exists in your world.

Apathy is not a good thing. Apathy is not a bad thing. It simply is a lack of feelings, of emotions, regarding something in particular.

Did you ever learn, many years later, that someone had a mad crush on you and you had no idea, maybe hardly knew the person at all? You felt apathy toward that individual who never made his or her feelings known to you.

Or maybe you were the someone with the crush and the focus of your heart’s desire didn’t even know you exist. So he or she was apathetic toward you—even if you said hi.

Whether or not someone knows you exist is up to you.

If you want to know someone better, or at all, with whom you have never really talked then decide to go up to that person and start a conversation.

The worst thing that can happen is that person continues to be apathetic toward you.

But what if that person was waiting and hoping to talk with you and thought you had no desire to meet him or her? Then you do both of you a favor, yes?

Interesting that many people go through life thinking they are not good enough or interesting enough or popular enough or you fill in the blank enough to meet people they really do want to know – but want to know.

They prejudge the other person unfairly assigning prejudices and opinions to someone they do not even know. Of course the outcome means they hurt themselves by blocking any opportunity to fulfill their hidden desire.

Do you have experiences in either of those scenarios? What action did you take or fail to take? How do you feel when you think about those days? Tell us about it.

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  1. your site ranks high on bing and i must say your constant writing style warrants your web page to become such high in rankings.i relished your writing style.continue the good work.

    • Ali Bierman says:

      Thanks for your kind words. I noticed quite a bit of traffic coming from Bing.

  2. heart says:

    I am typically to blogging and i actually recognize your content. The article has actually peaks my interest. I am going to bookmark your web site and keep checking for brand spanking new information.

    • Ali Bierman says:

      Great to have you here. LOTS to share and grow.

  3. I absolutely appreciate this excellent posting which are provided for us. I ensure this is advantageous for most people.

    • Ali Bierman says:

      Thanks, Darryl, for letting me know my sharing makes a difference for you. I will keep it coming so come back for more. I am here every day. Looking forward to hearing from you again. Got any particular questions–just ask.

  4. The Hippies werent just about love & drugs, and they werent just rich kids. I was there, were you? They wanted peace and a better life, fair living wages, the right to peaceful assembly, Civil rights & equal rights, save the environment (theres only planet and its finite). They quit too soon.

    • Ali Bierman says:

      Absolutely,Raina. I agree with you.
      I was there. I was a full out flower child writing and singing my awareness/protest songs about war, discrimination and human rights issues. What volatile times those were. I remember when all my Suddenly Black friends took Muslim names and avoided me to protect me from attack. FRiends for 10 and more years–and we could no longer be friends in the open. Crazy times!

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