The Most Important Jobs Don’t Pay Enough

The most important jobs in the world don’t pay much–firemen, police, teachers, nurses and aids, therapists working for governmen agencies,janitor (who would you rather see miss work, the CEO or the person who cleans the bathrooms, stocks the papers and empties he trash?). When I risked my life in crisis care and almost was killed in an attack I was only making $13 per hour! Gees! (Of course that was 15 years ago—still not worth a life.)

The very people we trust to mold our children’s minds, the heroes who save us from disaster, the people who keep our towns and buildings clean and safe for us–just to name a few–barely earn enough money to survive.

Does that make sense to you?

Does it make sense that someone who throws a baseball fast or fires the soccer ball into the net, or people who make one 30-second television commercial may exist very well for months to years on one game or a single ad?

What happened to priorities like putting people’s well being first?

You know the firemen, teachers, police officers and some janitors of the world gotta love what they do to keep doing it for only a psychic income and a mere pittance of financial gain.

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