the Art of Happiness

Living in happiness may be an art. Certainly it reflects a habitual way of living that keeps one thinking happy thoughts rather than unhappy thoughts.

What you think about causes you to feel a certain way. Sometimes the thought comes first and sometimes the feeling comes first—sort of. To feel a certain way you decide to feel that way. That conscious or unconscious choice seems to happen automatically. If that is true then your thoughts come first. On the other hand, if that idea is not accurate then your feelings come first.

Does it matter which comes first?

What matters is how you feel about you. What matters is whether or not you love you. Actually however you create your mood, you do so by habit.

What? Where did that come from?

You cannot give what you do not have, right? How can you love another person or thing until you love yourself first?

You can’t.

Okay, then how do you love yourself first? You decide to love yourself first. You choose to live in happiness. You just do it.

Smile. Think happy thoughts from your past. Yes there is a time and place to use and feed your past memories. Focus on the happy times of your life and the moments when you absolutely loved yourself first.

Focus on those memories feeding them energy to keep them alive. Go inside your body and look out through your eyes rather than watch yourself in a movie.

Create big pictures that let you easily see, feel, hear, taste and touch your surroundings. The more senses you involve in re-creating the happy picture the more real those experiences become. Your subconscious mind cannot tell the difference between what is real and what you imagine so you actually re-live those moments.

Oh yes, the most important part of living in happiness right now—smile. Sit up straight and walk with your head held high. Move at a brisk pace and lift your feet with every step. Breath deeply and fully from your diaphragm to take in life in all its glory!

To live in happiness you do it.

Do not stop to think about how to do it. Just create a habit of doing the things I listed above. Pay attention to your breathing, your posture, your walk and your facial expressions all day long. Also pay attention to how you feel—happy or something else.

Create the habit of living in happiness. Keep up that routine for 28 days and watch your life change to one of happiness that you won’t even have to think about. You will automatically do the behaviors and actions and think the thoughts that keep you in happiness.

Yes, even when tough times come into your life, you will use those tools to get through them.

Create the habit of happiness starting right now. Watch the video at:

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2 Responses to the Art of Happiness

  1. Beautiful and I SO believe in all you say!! Remeber the song by Ken Dodd (showing my age!):-
    Happiness, Happiness, the greatest gift that I posess
    I thank the lord that I possess more than my shar of happiness!
    Be blessed

    • Ali Bierman says:

      Thanks, Sylvia. I tell you ,since I started creating the Habit of Happiness consciouasly it boosted my happiness level and completely amaazing events happen every day. You gotta be happy firat before aNYTHING WILL HAPPEN FOR YOU. AND you gotta love yourself first. Do those two things and life has to work the way it’s meant to–without struggle.
      So how do you crete the Habit of Happiness? Go here:
      Don’t think about. Just Do it!oh yeah, the great stuff is not just happening for me but for people in my world. The Universe is allowing me to create neat stuff for others. I LOVE living in happiness!

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