Television: The Master Hypnotist

Do you use tv to veg out. DO you know what happens when you tune out?

http://howtohaveamazingrelationships.comHow many people do you know who veg out in front of the boob tube each day? There is a reason people refer to that screen of actors doing what they love (while you watch) a boob tube.

When you watch television you do not have to think. Most people will tell you that the reason they plop down in front of the tv is because they do not want to think. After all they spent the day thinking and now they want to turn off their minds.

Turn off their minds.

What do you think happens when you turn off your mind, when you stop consciously thinking? Simply, you shut down your conscious mind which makes the decision about what does and what does not get into your subconscious mind where the programs live that run you in every moment.

Oh oh! Without the gate keeper standing guard you remain susceptible to whatever comes at you–which is the agenda of the television programs you watch.

The shows do not need to do subliminal messages. The stories they tell, the language they use, the topics they cover and the perspectives from which they view their subjects all slip directly into your subconscious mind.

Essentially, television create thought forms. The more people who tune into the shows, the bigger the thought form grows.

When I worked on my masters degree in psychology a classmate who had moved to America but was raised on a small island without television or radio, shared with me the fact that crime was non-existent where she grew up.

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