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How Many of These Mistakes Do You Make in Your Relationships?

The top 7 mistakes people make in relationships doom them to repeat those mistakes and never find the love they want. Discover what to do instead. Listen to the interview where the caller asked, “My daughter is dating a convict. … Continue reading

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Remembering My Mom on Her Birthday

Today marks the anniversary of my mom’s birthday. Even though she physically left her body 11 years ago I know she comes to help me and my kids when we call her. I wrote this poem to celebrate the amazing … Continue reading

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Parenting: Sometimes It Gets Challenging

Parenting comes with challenges that make you think hard and fast. My daughter was born with a life-threatening allergy to milk protein. She and I had to completely avoid all milk products for four years while she nursed. What until … Continue reading

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Parents: How to Create Close Relationships With Your Kids

Create The Closeness Now Share with your kids while they’re small. It gets them in the habit of talking to you. That’s a desirable habit seeing how complex this world is for teenagers. If you spend time with them while … Continue reading

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Mother-Son Relationship: My Revelation

My son and I enjoy a close relationship that started in my forth month of pregnancy. Whenever I consumed alcohol (this was back before anyone knew even occasional drinks are unwise during pregnancy) my baby growing inside me had a … Continue reading

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