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Relationship Booster – Stress Reducer [TAT]

Saving your relationship is less work than living inside a broken partnership. Today’s Take Action Tuesday [TAT] tells you exactly how to make that happen for you and your special someone.

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Valentine’s Day – Gifts that Matter

I have two gifts for you today, to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Both will let you feel special and share that love with your partner. Watch the video to discover how to get your surprise. AFTER watching the video, claim your … Continue reading

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Love and Light

In every moment of every day you are held with Love in Light. I’ve been saying that for man-years. Have you ever felt the love about which I am speaking? Click LIKE and SHARE if you know what I am … Continue reading

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Honoring My Mom’s Memory

Today marks the anniversary of my Mom’s birthday. In her honor I share a song I wrote for her. Though I penned it after her transition, the life we shared tells me, beyond a shadow of doubt, she is with … Continue reading

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Is Divorce Looming In the Back of Your Mind?

You probably know that a loving relationships plays a big part in your degree of happiness. And we both know you are reading this newsletter because your partnership (or the desired partnership you intend to create soon)  is not quite … Continue reading

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Love Yourself First: It Is Not Selfish – It Is Mandatory

Loving yourself first is not selfish. It is mandatory. You cannot give what you do not have. Without self love you lack self respect and self-honoring.  Again, what you do not feel for yourself cannot be given to others – … Continue reading

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The Day Changed Our Lives: What Are Your Thoughts Today?

Things happen in life, sometimes horrific things. What do you do? what do you think about to get through those times?

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Love: Do You REALLY Know What Love Is?

In my work and life experience with thousands of people over very many years, i discovered that very few people know what love is. Therefore they have no clue how to love – how to create or maintain a state … Continue reading

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The Opposite of Love Is…

The other day I shared what I discovered about the concepts of Love and Hate. They are not opposing notions but opposite ends of the same emotional continuum. What then, is the opposite of love? Take moment and think about … Continue reading

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Love and Hate: They Are Not Opposite Emotions

Love and hate are not opposite emotions. They are two ends of a continuum. Yes, both exhibit the same emotion. What? You meet someone new and immediately feel a gut reaction of hatred toward that person. Why? Firstly note I … Continue reading

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