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Hurricane Irene: Faith and Trust

Two different takes: Hurricane Irene demonstrates how people live their lives. When possible impending disasters hit the news people get to choose whether to focus on the horrible painful aftermath that MIGHT happen OR they can focus on dispelling the … Continue reading

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How to Talk To Yourself: Lessons From a Child

Imagine if everyone knew what this child lives at her age. How different would the world be? Let’s make it so. Don’t wish it or hope it. Make it happen for a child you know. Oh yes, you gotta believe … Continue reading

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Clear Vision or Naiveté

When I was a kid a national magazine posted the question, “Why were we made?” They published my reply. Was it naiveté or was I seeing beyond appearances when I wrote, “To build, create and enjoy the wonderful world in … Continue reading

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How to Safely and Quickly Get a Flat Belly and Renew Your Relationship With You

[Note: This article is for educational purposes only. It is not meant to replace any medical advice]. How you look and feel impacts your relationships across the board. Without health you cannot enjoy your life, keep up with other people, … Continue reading

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Relationships and Losing Weight

Your relationship with you is the first and most important relationship in your life. Your self image determines how you live your life. Your body image impacts how you relate to yourself and to others. How do you see your … Continue reading

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The Most Important Relationship Is…

Loving yourself first is not selfish It’s mandatory. No one will ever look out for #1 the way only you can. In fact, looking out for, caring for and loving you is nobody else’s job but yours. Only you are … Continue reading

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How People Treat You

How do people treat you? Do you feel good? Do they honor and respect you? Do people take advantage of you? Do you ever feel invisible? Overworked? Under-valued? Downtrodden? So many women tell me they feel like a doormat, that … Continue reading

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