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For The Stay-At-Home Parent

If you are like many parents whose full-time job is raising kids and managing the household then you likely do dozens – no, hundreds – of little things every day for everybody else. I am talking little things that nobody … Continue reading

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The Last Call

What do you do when people inexplicably drop out of your world then years later you learn they are sick or preparing to transition? Last night I received the sad news that an old friend is living her last days. … Continue reading

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Affirming What You Love Makes It Happen

Yesterday I shared about my daughter’s natural way of being – a dancer. I reinforced what she loved in every way possible. I developed a love of dance (yes, even modern and ballet–classical ballet, me??) and made her a tapping … Continue reading

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Be Who You Are: Do What You Love

My daughter turned 35 just after midnight. The gift I made for her included movies, audios and photos so I got to relive many warm fond memories. See this photo of her? She was two. Notice the hands–even in the … Continue reading

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Lost in a Very Strange Place

When my son was about 2 years old our family was traveling, staying in a big hotel with an elevator. The elevator door opened and my son bounded in. I thought my husband was holding the door open as we … Continue reading

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Your Story Destroys Your Relationships

In my last post I told you about growing up thinking my mom didn’t love me and why I felt that way. I shared my story about my life, the fantasy I unknowingly made up to explain events and circumstances … Continue reading

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Mother-Daughter Relationship Healing

Much of my life, because I felt my mom didn’t love me I felt a lot of anger. Note that anger is a secondary emotion resulting from the primary emotions, in this case, hurt and disappointment. Embarrassing to share all … Continue reading

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