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Hurricane Irene: Faith and Trust

Two different takes: Hurricane Irene demonstrates how people live their lives. When possible impending disasters hit the news people get to choose whether to focus on the horrible painful aftermath that MIGHT happen OR they can focus on dispelling the … Continue reading

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You Can Do Anything

Kids today know so much about life and how to live in community as One. Listen to this young girl’s message. Well, don’t just listen. Act on her words. You can do anything –

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No Coincidences

Everything happens for a beautiful and Divine reason, yes? I needed a square picture frame today–had no idea of the dimensions. I had the artwork with me. As I went to enter the store, right in front of the door, … Continue reading

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Time Bending Lets You Do More in 24

Do you ever feel like you don’t have enough time to do everything you want to do in a day? What if you could slow down time and get more that 24 hours into each seeming 24 hour slot.? One … Continue reading

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