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Habits: Save Or End Relationships [TAT]

When you were a kid you started certain behavior patterns to get by and to create relationships. NOW, as an adult, do those same actions support or destroy your marriage? In Today’s Take Action Tuesday Challenge you will reveal what … Continue reading

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Wishing and Hoping Do Not Work

Ready to have an amazing relationship with a partner? With yourself? With money? Wishing and hoping are not strategies. Neither emotion serves you or your desired end goal in any way. In fact, if all you ever do is want … Continue reading

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Relationships: Why I Help People Create Amazing Relationships

When I was a psychotherapist I knew all about the stats on colleagues who were killed and injured by patients every year. None of us published our phone numbers and clients never knew my last name. Okay, I worked with … Continue reading

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Start and Finish: The Creation of Amazing Relationships

When you plan a trip you need two pieces of information before you turn on your GPS: 1. Your final destination 2.Your starting point You need to know both your starting and destination points to create your amazing relationships too. … Continue reading

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Don’t Just See It – Live It

I’ve got a secret for you to  help you create the relationships you want. You know, the one with sparks AND also calm. This may sound “out there” but do it anyway, okay. Make time (just before falling asleep should … Continue reading

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Are You Really Open MInded?

Do you have an open mind? I mean really? If you knew you could change all of your relationships without having to figure out anything, would you? I ask because I am a specialized kinesiologist who specializes in assisting people … Continue reading

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How to Create Only Satisfying Relationships

Decide who you are. Who are You for you? Decide the behaviors that are acceptable to you and decide that people who treat you in ways that are not acceptable to you do not belong in your life. You get … Continue reading

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Instant Happiness in 3 Quick Steps

You can become instantly happy by taking these three quick steps. Hey, the only way to attract happy people is to be a happy person yourself. You always and only attract who you are. Please hit the “like” button and … Continue reading

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Mother-Daughter Relationships: The Other Viewpoint

I recently shared some stories about my kids and me, in other words me as Mom. Today’s story is about my Mom and me. I won’t bother you with the details of my childhood except to know my parents split … Continue reading

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Oh Yes OR Oh No Communication

When someone comes to you to talk you must honor their desires in this aspect otherwise DO NOT listen to them. Let them know what you can and cannot do regarding being their confidante. And never ever make this one … Continue reading

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