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Celebrate You

You are whole and perfect exactly as you are–and as you are not. YOU are the best YOU in the Universe. Love yourself first. Remember that you teach others how to treat you by how you treat you.

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Spirit and spirit–What’s the Difference

What does spirit mean to you? Did you ever stop to think about it?

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Prayer: What it is and What it Isn’t

Very few people understand what prayer really is. Most people confuse it with asking for ,pleading with or bargaining with God to create a desired outcome. Prayer isn’t words. Discover what it is and how to do it to manifest … Continue reading

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A Most Important Day

At 4:15 PM EDT today I celebrate the anniversary of one of the greatest moments of my life. You see, 38 years ago on the day Agnew resigned the Vice Presidency of the US and the NY Mets won the … Continue reading

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How To Ask The Questions That Change Your Life

It’s Okay To Ask Questions. In fact, the only way to change your life is by asking questions. Ah, but you gotta know which questions will move your life forward rather than those that keep you stuck. This book will … Continue reading

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