Seeds or Weeds

Weeds? They do not exist.  In my mind a weed is a flower that somebody else says is not growing in a place it is welcome. The connotation is that the weed, therefore, is not a flower but an unsightly growth.

Sometimes people believe their lives are like weeds – not welcome, not wise and not useful to human kind, or the planet, or the weather, etc. If you ever felt like you did not belong some place or among some people then maybe you felt like a weed – the others want you out .

Watch the video to discover what to do with the seeds you plant on your own life’s journey. Please click share and like so others may benefit too.

Sorry–my voice isn’t here yet. Feel the lyrics below. Now, if only you could get into my head you’d hear the song, and the entire musical arrangement. Got to be a way to make that happen. If you know it then TELL ME!


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