Remembering My Mom on Her Birthday

My mom and me circa 1964

Today marks the anniversary of my mom’s birthday. Even though she physically left her body 11 years ago I know she comes to help me and my kids when we call her.
I wrote this poem to celebrate the amazing person who was and is my mom.

Happy Birthday, Mom




A woman of love
Who sacrificed her life
That her children could have everything
Even in times of strife

She never said anything bad about anyone
She lived in beauty and grace
Keeping up without ever a complaint

Looking back I see her life was a race
to be there, to do for my brother and me
and for her mother too.

She ran three businesses for her boss
keeping them all in the black
without questioning what had to be done
stepping forward to take up slack and lack

MY Mom was an amazing lady
in every sense of the word
Working day and night and weekend
in the office and at home
Taking her free time to support me and my music
attending concerts and shows wherever I’d roam

My Mom always had a smile
and helping hand to offer
She was loved by all who knew her

Yes, everyone loved Grandma Edie.

MY Mom’s fingers floated over the piano keys accompanying herself in song

She had the voice of an angel

Danced like Ginger

And even at the age of 80 outpaced most 40 year olds walking all day long.

She always let me know I could be and do anything I wanted in life
She raised me to sing and play games together
as I did with my own kids

What a great role model for learning the true meaning of a Mother’s love

At a time when women did not work outside the home
She did what she had to do to give us home and shelter

She saved our way of life
And in our final conversations
she told me
she didn’t want to leave her pained body because
she worried about me and how I would be.
(that was after my brain injury and she knew life was challenging for me)
Always, always, always being the Loving Mom

I often feel her near me
Sometimes I see her Golden Ball of Light

I know she watches over us
my kids and me
I feel safe knowing everything is all right.

Happy Birthday, Mom.
I honor the Divine Being that is still you.


Tell you what, even after 11 years (actually her mind  left 5 years before she left her body), and even though I sometimes literally feel her and the touch of her hand (the one I held most of the day and night the last 3 months–I KNOW her hand) I still want to pick up the phone and call her when something neat happens.

I still miss her physical presence. How blessed am I to be her daughter?

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  1. Ali Bierman says:

    Thanks very much, Uroda, for your kind words. Do you hav any specific questions I can help you with?

  2. randka w uk says:

    I besides believe thence , perfectly composed post! .

    • Ali Bierman says:

      Glad you like it, Randka. Good to see you back.

  3. Annie says:

    Howdy! I read ur website every night, just after I water my garden 🙂

    • Ali Bierman says:

      Terrific, Annie. I am grateful you find helpful info here. Let me know if you have questions or want to know ore about some topic. What kid of garden–flowers or food? I love to garden–both kinds.

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