Relationships: Create ONLY Satisfying Rrelationships

http://howtohaveamazingrelationships.comSo you want to create only satisfying relationships?

After experiencing too many years of what seems like countless disappointing relationships I know exactly how you feel.

I found the solution to creating relationships that work. So I put together this brief guide for you to create only satisfying relationships in your life.

Start by knowing yourself. After all, wherever you go you take you along. Don’t you agree that knowing and understanding how you work and think might be helpful for you?

Actually that first step is essential to the next important piece

Love yourself exactly as you are and exactly as you are not. Refuse to change to suit anybody else. You only need to please you. Period.

Know that you make yourself happy or sad. No one can do either for you. You go inside yourself and pull out happiness for you.

Think about this, you attract who you are. So the way you are in the world determines who comes into your world. Become the person you want to attract.

Once you know who you are and that you love you, decide if the person you are now is the person you want to attract to yourself. Maybe you want to do some learning and growing before you get involved romantically or otherwise.

Decide what is important to you and where you will willingly compromise in your relationships. Some people are more flexible than others. If you fail to make this information a priority in your life you may find yourself giving in to choices you really do not like or want.

That behavior pattern would lead you back into the old way of being in relationships. Not what you want – is it?

To have something you have never had (in this case only satisfying relationships) you must first choose to be someone who does things you have never done.

Be. Do Have.

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