Relationships and Losing Weight

Your relationship with you is the first and most important relationship in your life.

Your self image determines how you live your life. Your body image impacts how you relate to yourself and to others.

How do you see your body?

The media bombards you with images of the “happy people,” always thin and always smiling – usually paired as happy go-lucky couples. You get the constant message that you are not good enough unless your body looks like theirs.

Men think they want 6-pack abs and, these days, some women do too. Rather than seek a healthy body with the fat you NEED to thrive, the greedy diet industry throws pills and potions in your face in a never ending array of formats from books to audios to videos to lose the fat fast foods and supplements.

Why do you think the industry continues to explode new products onto the scene daily?
Because the products, the programs, the pills, the teas and coffees—all the magical weight loss solutions–fail to accomplish the most important part of getting the body you think you want: mindset.

A few programs treat you as a holistic being rather than a fat creating machine.

Those programs are not diets or quick fixes. Those programs are really and truly about changing your life style. You want to change how you think about health and wellness.

The only solution to getting and maintaining a healthy body at your ideal weight (note I said your ideal weight not that of some celebrity with an air-brushed photo on a magazine cover) is changing your life style.

Don’t fall off our chair. You don’t need to eat only raw foods or become a vegetarian and spend hours at the gym everyday!

First step in getting the body you want is decide why you want to look a certain way.

A client once told me he joined a gym so he could build muscles to make his girl friend ooh and ahh.

Never fool with your health and body shape to please anyone but you. The only opinion that ever really matters is your opinion of you. Make time to sit down, alone, and reveal the true deep inner motivation you have for wanting to look a certain way.

I am not talking about the reasons you tell everyone else. I mean the real, deep down reasons.

In the above case, the gentleman feared his girl friend would find a more muscular, better looking, more fit guy and leave him. Now that is a reason to get in better shape, yes?

Okay, so now you know why you want that shape. Let’s move to the nitty gritty, the obvious that far too many people, swayed my media images, overlook.

Rather than looking to lose weight seek to gain health.

That is the end result of being at your ideal for your body weight, isn’t it?

Stop and think – what do you do when you lose something? You find it, yes?

Your body will do anything for 12 weeks. Ever notice all those popular programs last for 12 weeks? Not a coincidence.

Most programs, especially diets, evolve around depriving yourself of foods you like to eat so you lose weight.

When you return to your normal eating habits your body, thinking you’ve been starving, packs away the pounds to protect you from future food shortages, leaving you with even more weight than before you started the program.

Next, oh do pay close attention now, you do not want to lose weight.

You want to lose excess body fat. See the word “excess?” You need to eat fat to burn fat—you just need to know which fat promotes health and which do not. Hey, your body cannot use fat-soluble nutrients (like vitamin E) without fat!

Your body will healthfully lose ½ to 1 pound weekly.

When you drop more weight than that you are not burning fat—you are losing muscle and often those products use diuretics causing you to lose water weight. The last thing you need is to lose water. Dehydration puts on extra pounds! AND you do not want to lose muscle! Muscle weighs more than fast. Muscle metabolizes food even when you rest!

When you do your research you discover that diets never work. At best they are temporary fixes creating adverse overall affects on your well being—emotional and physical well being.
Look at this word “diet.” See the word “die” in it? Ever been on a diet without feeling deprived and stressed? Ever?

Again, instead of looking for the latest fad diet, learn how to gain health.

How do you do gain health?

Focus on all the things you will be doing when you are healthy:hiking up hills without going breathless, playing with your kids and grandkids, enjoying all the sports you have not been able to do because the extra pounds wore down your joints and it is just plain arduous to do simple movements dragging another person on your back (Extra weight can feel that way, can’t it?).

How about buying the clothing style you really like but they don’t make those outfits on plus sizes? OR appearing taller and younger—which happens when you feel great and actually experience great health.

You can change your life style and get fit without the work and stress—once you learn how.

Doing so is simple and you can start right away with a minimal learning curve. Unless you are a junk food addict you probably already have what you need in your kitchen right now.

When you know how to eat, not specific food, you enjoy life. You feel good. Oh yeah, if you happen to be a female with hormone issues at any age – you definitely want to create new habits without delay. You do not need to suffer every month nor do you need to go through hot flashes.

All that said, there is ONE way to eliminate as much as 8-20 pounds in 0 days or less without losing any muscle or compromising your health. In fact, if you have never done this process your health is seriously compromised and getting worse every day without our awareness.

I will give you the details in tomorrow’s post.

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4 Responses to Relationships and Losing Weight

  1. Such a great post – you really put enough info here for several! I think you’re so right to say that there’s no point launching into a lose-weight-diet without first understanding what your goal is and how you want to feel about your own body.
    Nice to meet you through the Ultimate Blog Challenge – but do us all a favor please and put your name on the page so we can know who you are. 🙂

    • ajb says:

      Thank you,Evelyn for your thoughtful comments. I think, given the pressure from media everywhere we look, most of us think we are not pretty enough or not sexy enough if we do not look like sticks.

      My goal, in this post, is to get people to stop and think about their actual personal reasons for wanting to change their size. I am not saying being overweight is healthy. No way. I want people to pay attention to their inner guidance, their Higher Self, and know why their body looks exactly as it does and whether or not they are supporting themselves to be the best and healthiest person they can be.

      Takes loving yourself first to be able to love another person regardless of the type of relationship.

      And thank you so much for letting me know I failed to put my name on the page. Yikes! Very big OOPS!

  2. Bruna Desso says:

    I’m curious to find out what blog platform you’re working with? I’m experiencing some minor security issues with my latest website and I would like to find something more safe. Do you have any recommendations?

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