What Do James Allen, Napolean Hill, Earl Nightengale, and Tony Robbins Have In Common?

What do the teachings of these mindset experts, James Allen, Napolean Hill, Earl Nightengale, and Tony Robbins, have in common? They all use the metaphor comparing the mind to a garden. I find that a useful tool.

Your conscious mind works like a farmer choosing which seeds to plant in the subconscious garden. Either you chose positive thoughts/seeds that move you forward or you choose negative thoughts that disempower you and lead to disintegration. (Remember, there is no such thing as staying the same. You either grow or die in each moment.) But there is more to planting seeds than simply putting them in the soil.

First you must prepare the soil. If you plant seeds of abundance in hard clay soil, they have no chance of sprouting and growing and surviving. You want to make sure your soil is fertile and airy, filled with the light positive energy of light positive thoughts. You want to water the seeds with pure water that allows them to make their own food and thrive. Last, you want to give them the amount of light, the optimal temperature, and the growing time best suited for their variety.

If you want to know what you have planted and nourished, simply look at your life. What you live is a reflection of the plants grown from the seeds you planted and the care you gave them.

Most people live in scarcity because they plant seeds of not-not having enough fun, time, money, love, freedom, joy. They tend to the soil with don’t-don’t want this job, this relationship, this house, this vacation, this car. Then they attempt to plant seeds of abundance in soil that only nurtures “not enough” and”don’t want.” There is no way for the new seeds to grow.

That is why affirmations typically do not work. You want your soil, your mindset, to have the nutrients of abundance to feed the seeds of abundance. You do not expect cantaloupes to grow in a rice patty from rice seeds. You plant cantaloupe seeds in soil that feeds cantaloupes. Thoughts of abundance need to be planted in soil that feeds abundance.

You choose your thoughts. You choose your friends and the people with whom you spend your time. Your environment is your soil. Your thoughts are your seeds. Notice that your life style is the same as that of your five closest friends. Same soil. Same results.

Want different results? Change your life by changing your thoughts and living where those new thoughts are supported and nourished. You will have to change your friends and avoid family members who negate your dreams, your actions, your ways of being different and changing. BEWARE, your friends and family do not want you to change. They want to keep things as they are.

Pay attention to your self talk, that Little Voice that chatters incessantly in your head. Pay attention to what others say. You can filter out messages so they will not pass into your subconscious mind. If you persist with diligence, you will succeed. Your new seeds will grow and prosper.

Positive seeds, watered and fed with positive soil and energy, grow into positive manifestations of dreams, desires and wants. Life is about being conscious and participating in your life in every single moment! It is your life, after all, so why would you let someone else tell you how to live it?

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