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I recently wrote about the importance of reading and the impact of having a home library for your children’s development. Click here to read that post again.

Today I have a question for you…

When you were a kid what was your favorite book? Did you have a favorite author?

When I was little my favorite author was Dr. Seuss. I read each new book as it came out. Back then I guess I enjoyed the rhymers and images. Last month my business book group discussed Dr. Seuss’ Oh! The Places You Will Go The city mayor happens to be a member of the group. She came to the meeting with her Dr. Seuss collection and shared some powerful lessons garnered from some other stories in that volume.

Until I re-read that title and listened to the mayor share how much she applies the philosophies of Dr. Seuss today I had not given much thought to the timelessness of hs lessons–through all time and across all ages. If you have not read any Dr. Seuss books lately I highly recommend borrowing one from your local library and reading it through your adult eyes.

Tell us your top five all time favorite books.
TO get you started I will share mnine:

1. Illusions by Richard Bach
2. One by RivhaRD BAch
3. For Whom the Bell Tolls by Ernest Hemingway
4. anything by O. Henry
5. any Jeeves story by P.G. Woodhouse

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