Raising Kids With Healthy Habits

Raising Kids With Healthy Habits

The title is meant as a double entendre–you model your healthy habits and your kids automatically and effortlessly adopt your healthy life style.

Kids Do What You Do Not What You Say.

I always exercised when my kids were growing up and they joined me.  I played all kinds of sports games with them and they played soccer as well as dance (my daughter dances and my son, as a drummer/percussionist gets one heck of a workout playing shows).

Today they are in their thirties, have extremely busy lives and both of them exercise regularly.

Habits Create Futures.

I also raised my kids on organic healthy food–no junk. They were never sick–until my son went off to college and thought he’d try eating all the foods I never served. For the first time in his life he got sick and told me. “I thought how you fed us didn’t make a difference but I was wrong.” (Not his exact words but the gist is accurate)

By the way, every kid who came into our home enjoyed our good-for-you food. Parents don’t want to eat healthy so they claim the kids are the issue!

What do you model for your young people?

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