How to Safely and Quickly Get a Flat Belly and Renew Your Relationship With You

[Note: This article is for educational purposes only. It is not meant to replace any medical advice].

How you look and feel impacts your relationships across the board.

Without health you cannot enjoy your life, keep up with other people, or feel good about being you. Remember you can only attract who you are.

In my last post I told you about the only way to experience not just quick safe elimination of weight but the ONLY way to do so that will boost your health and your figure without hurting your body or health.

You may have heard that death begins in the colon. What does that mean for you?

Your colon is lined with years, a whole lifetime, of fecal matter all caught up in the mucosal lining. The average person holds 8 pounds of garbage inside. Some people have as much as 24 pounds of toxins in there preventing proper digestion and assimilation of nutrients.

Some men eliminate their huge pot belly and some women find they no longer have a protruding pooch when doing a safe effective colon cleanse.

You have to be very careful when eliminating the toxic mess in your colon.

When you release toxins into your blood stream you must have a substance that grabs the poisons and carries them out of your body. It shocked me that so many cleanses offer no such ingredients!

I have only seen two products that do. I’ve only seen one product that actually eliminates the putrified mucosal lining.

The market place, offline and online, is filled with colon cleanses. I’ve done many cleanses. I know of only one that is sure, safe, and leaves you feeling amazingly healthy, light, energetic and just plain good–in just 10 days.

It makes sense that eliminating years of heavy gunk from your intestines would free you up, lighten you up–literally, and, by allowing food absorption again, revitalize your energy, doesn’t it?

Many so-called colon cleanses do the same thing as the prep you swallow before a colonoscopy. They remove all food debris. They do not touch the mucosal lining.

How can you tell?

Well, without going into gross details, understand that putrefied aged fecal matter carries an odor I could not describe if I tried. Also, this mucosal lining is very rubber-like.

The elimination happens in long strands—as long as three feet at a time—all wound round and round displaying a clear impression of the intestinal wall against which it lodged for so many years.

I myself use this colon cleanse product twice yearly. Know why?

I know how well I eat. I do not eat junk. I rarely eat sweets and most of my food is organic. As a vegetarian for over 15 years and a careful eater for 23 years before then, I assumed my insides were pretty clean.

When I saw the mess that came out of me I wondered, “If that came out of someone who eats well what must be inside the vast majority of people who do not eat good-for-you diets?”

What mess lurks within the population eating the famous Standard American Diet, otherwise known as SAD?

I highly recommend taking this action for your health regardless of whether or not you want to discharge some unhealthy weight. I do not make any money if you choose to purchase this particular item so there is no hidden motive here.

I recommend beginning your healthy-you regime with the Colon Cleanse Kit from Blessed Herbs. I recommend doing it now because they have a special deal going.

Oh yes, you can buy the two herbal products and save money by downloading the instruction book. Frankly, I recommend buying the kit. The convenience of flipping a page each day to keep you on track and accurate is totally worth the extra investment in you, in my opinion. Besides you only need to do that one time. The instructions never change.

As with anything, do not rush out and buy this simply on my recommendation.

If you know how to communicate with your Higher Self first ask if it is in you highest and best interest to use this product at this time. Also, visit the site and read the cautions about conditions that contraindicate its use.

Go here:

Scroll down and look on the left. There you will find full information about the colon, the cleanse, information from doctors in this field and, if you need a push, read the section on removing the waste and note the photo.

If you have done cleanses and never seen that waste come out of you then you never used a colon cleanse that actually cleaned your colon.

Rather than buying all the expensive diet pills and fat burning supplements (yeah right0 that are grossly overpriced and will never clean you out, make this investment in you. You, your family and your friends will thank you when you feel well  and look better.

Love yourself first. Invest in yourself. You deserve the best relationships starting with you.

Honor you own body. Enjoy being with people doing things you have not been able to do for so long!

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    • Ali Bierman says:

      Thanks for letting me know you like this subject. When I write on health here it is always related to how you feel about yourself. The most important relationship in the world is the one you have with you.

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