Prosperity: The What and How of Prosperity

Prosperity is about more than just money. Live the four laws and create your prosperous life.

No one on the planet knows more about prosperity than Edwene Gaines. IF you have not yet read her book go get it now. Spend the time it takes to change your entire life by watching this video all the way through. You can’t afford not to.

Click here to receive your gift of her workshop recording.

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2 Responses to Prosperity: The What and How of Prosperity

  1. I’m 20 minutes into the video… and will continue watching it. Thanks Ali for sharing the link! It’s what I need at this moment.

    • Ali Bierman says:

      Thanks,Peggy. I cannot imagine anyone not benefitting from Edwene Gaines’ 4 laws of spiritual prosperity. It was such a huge gift when i came across it looking=g for something else, right? IT is even more powerful than reading her book. She is soooo funny! That lamp story had me ROFWL (did i get that right?) Anyeay, fter part 1 you will see calendar events for Agape–just skip over them to get to the second part. I thought I waS so done with forgiveness until watching her workshop. Share it with eveyon you know. What an awakening–especially her explanation of tithing. I didn’t get the impact from her book that I did here.

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