Positive Thinking Is No Better Than Negative Thinking

Positive thinking is no more helpful than negative thinking is bad for you.

Many people think that by pretending to see possible good value in situations they can convince themselves that life is great for them. However, they are simply stretching for the desired outcome while, underneath, in their subconscious, they run contradictory programs their ego minds label as “truth.”

The result is like painting gold leaf over a cardboard box. It may look like a gilded gold box AND you know it is really just a plain old cardboard box.

You cannot manifest your desires until you override the underlying programs because that low energy overwhelms and cancels out the high energy of the positive words.

In the end you feel deep disappointment that reinforces your original low self-esteem programs.
Accurate thinking, on the other hand, sees events as events without attaching meanings. When you see clearly, without an emotional overlay, you experience how things are so you know what action to take—or not take.

Make sense?

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