Personal Interactions

Has gentleness gone by the way of the dinosaurs?

A prominent literary agent recently told me that putting notes in kids’ lunches is not sophisticated enough for today’s kids. I wondered, how could anyone not feel good about getting a note –a note just for him or her, that says, basically, “I am thinking about you because I love you.”

I wondered at the little girl, maybe nine years old, walking to the school bus stop in the morning talking on her cell phone. Have you ever been in a car (or worse, at a restaurant) and every person was talking to someone on his or her cell phone, rather than talking with the people in whose company they actually were at the time?

If each child has his or her computer in his or her own room, how can a family interact as a family? Do family members ever talk with one another these days? Do they enjoy each other’s company? Do they do fun things together? Or are they like ships at sea, waving as they pass each other while going their separate ways?

Do you wonder why the mother of one teenager (surely she is not the only one) spies on her child by reading her child’s blog? Big Brother–I mean Big Mother–is watching! Thank goodness she is.

Do you know that big corporations are launching ads to caution teens, especially teenage girls, about who may be lurking or posing to be someone else in places like Why are teens needing to go online to find friends? Or someone to talk to?

How do you protect your children when there is no open communication between you and them?

The cost of being sophisticated seems to come at the high price of the disintegrating family and interpersonal relationships.

Schedule a live, in-person meeting with someone you like this week. Then be present 100% with themĀ –no cell phone conversations or texting and NO hidden agendas or thinking about what else you “should” be doing. In fact, leave the electronics at home.

The bottom line is only you can change your life…when you are ready to do so. Change comes from within. Knowing the programs running your subconscious mind allows you to override what does not work and replace it with programs that do work. Discover the basics of conscious living in my ebook and CD What You Don’t Know You Don’t Know Runs You.

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2 Responses to Personal Interactions

  1. Kama says:

    A great reminder for cherishing family time. We all change continuously and without that precious time together, we can wake up one morning and not know each other any more. Quality time is so precious. I have a friend who has a technology free day each weekend, I think that is a fabulous idea for a family.

    • Ali Bierman says:

      Yes, Kama, I agree. I raised my kids playing music and soccder and tennis–all kinds of non-electronic stuff–together. Of course it was easier back in the 70s and 80s when technologies were new and not so ubiquitous.
      I recently wrote a post about not watching TV and got a huge response with interesting reactions. I challenged people to go without for 30 days.
      I think your friend’s idea is great. You cannot replace the time lost to separation resulting from each person entertaining himself on his own device.

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