When You Live Your Passion You Never Work

When you live what you are completely passionate about in life you will flow easily in the direction of your dreams. Actually, doing what you love with all your being, coming completely from your heart, leaves you so happy that you never feel like you work.

Rather than a vocation you have an avocation.

Ready to see what it truly means to live your passion? Watch this clip from a coaching session by Damien Bassman working with a member of the Baltic Youth Philharmonic. Notice how Damien is the music, how he feels and lives it in his body and coaches the young musician to do the same.

Damien is my son. All his life he has been living music–not just playing it but living it. He says he never goes to work because he loves what he does so much.

He once told me, “Music is all there is I can’t explain it.” You don’t need an explanation, do you, not after watching this clip or watching/listening to Damien perform live. He inspires and teaches me simply by being himself.

BYP Lab 2011 – Damien Bassman (Percussion) from Baltic Youth Philharmonic on Vimeo.

BYP Lab 2011 – Damien Bassman (Percussion)

Damien teaches orchestras how to be the music and extracts standing ovation performances. He plays drumsĀ and percussion all over the world with the big names you know.

He spends all day and night being his music.

Do you live your life that way? Do you feel that way about how you earn money?






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  1. Chasidy Keal says:

    Thanks for giving this inspiring read. View mine!

    • Ali Bierman says:

      You are welcome. Thanks for letting me know it helped you see something new or different–or reinforce how you you already feel. LOTS here to read and lots more to come.

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