Parenting: Sometimes It Gets Challenging

Parenting comes with challenges that make you think hard and fast. My daughter was born with a life-threatening allergy to milk protein. She and I had to completely avoid all milk products for four years while she nursed. What until the age of four? That is Nature’s way of protecting a body.

The toughest job in my house was always feeding everyone something they’d eat.

Many days I’d spend hours planning dinner. Finally I hit upon the idea of having pizza crusts (for my son) and quiche crusts (for my daughter) in the freezer at all times. The house rule was you must taste the meal. If you do not like it then you get your alternative. When I serve a meal that one or both of them did not like I simply popped the alternative into the small oven..

That practice greatly simplified my life in the kitchen. Only their likes and dislikes were so diverse I had a hard time remembering who liked what! And of course their likes and dislikes changed as soon as I thought I had it all figured out.

What would I do if life were simple for me? I’d be bored!

No time for boredom when you stay home with your kids. No time for breaks or privacy either.

Being a stay-at-home parent gets most challenging when you realize you don’t get to step outside the “office” for a much needed break. You don’t get time to wind down between work and arriving home because you work at home. In fact your home is your work 24/7/365!

Spending that much time with your kids feels great and creates bonds between you like no other in the world. You may notice that you communicate with your kids across the miles – without a telephone or computer.

If one of your kids feels sick or has a nightmare during the night your Mother’s Ear will pick up on the discomfort so fast your child may never need to cry with pain, discomfort or fear.

Parenting has its challenges. It also has its priceless rewards.

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