What ONE Thing Will Save Your Marriage?

You are thinking about one thing that you know, in your heart of hearts, will transform your marriage back into the dream you once knew. This foolproof method will assure your success.

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Get Your Partner to Love You NOW

Do this one simple thing to get your partner to loe you even ore right now! Your relationships will change dramatically. Tell its that one action you are doing so someone else can get inspired and save their marriage too – or at least reignite the spark.

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Do This To Save Your Marriage From Disaster

Are you happy or unhappy when you are with your spouse? Know how to tell? The Take Action Tuesday task for you is inside the video: easy fix to change to happy! Do this to save your marriage from disaster.

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Valentine’s Day – Gifts that Matter

I have two gifts for you today, to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Both will let you feel special and share that love with your partner.

Watch the video to discover how to get your surprise.

AFTER watching the video, claim your second gift here.

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Valentine’s Day Challenge

Anyone can buy a gift or take someone out to dinner. And those are lovely thoughtful gestures for your Valentine.
But how about making this Valentine’s Day special for your sweetheart, friends and family?

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Soulmates: The Real Deal

couple-not happyThe media created a picture of a soulmate as someone who completes a person and brings sunshine and flowers and endless happiness and support to both you and your partner. That perfect person and you ride off into the sunset every night, smiles all aglow.
Do you really think that is what a soulmate does for you? Do you think there is only one perfect match for you that allows a blissful existence forever?
What if a soulmate is someone who loves you so much, on a soul level, that he or she comes into your life to push your buttons forcing you to grow, to evolve on a soul level?
What if living with your soulmate results in your overcoming the blocks you placed on your path that prevent you from becoming all you can be in life and doing all you came here to do?
What if your soulmate pushes you into painful places forcing you to stop, live in the NOW and act, powerfully act, to move your life forward in the direction of your dreams?
I am not talking in the form of being your biggest cheer leader. I am talking about arguments, lack of honor or respect, poor communication, frustration and all the behaviors you think you never desired on your path in life. BUT without arousing those parts of you hurt by those feelings, why would you ever “go there” and seek change on your own part?
What happens when you live in comfort and all goes swimmingly well all the time?
For one thing you probably wonder if what is happening is real. Most likely your doubts come with reasons to feel that way.
People who live in comfort simply feel no motivation to grow and change. Pain pushes people into action, yes?
Am I saying that living in a wonderfully fulfilling relationship is a dream? NO. Just realize there is no such thing as a relationship without constant button pushing and continual growth.
When you live with your soulmate maybe, just maybe, that growth happens for both parties. And you discover how to resolve the frequent hurt feelings and misunderstandings easier and faster every time something comes up.
Make sense?
Do you even know the real out-of-your-awareness reasons you and your partner came together in the first place?
You were not attracted to each other for the reason you think brought you together. You probably think sexual attraction, common interests or displaying opposite personality traits (shy woman with an outgoing man, non-emotional man with a very emotional woman) drew you toward one another.
Those are the conscious reasons you told yourself causing you to act but not the “why” underlying those actions.
What if I told you that living through and healing the difficulties in this relationship allowed you to heal every similar relationship issue across your life? Think your boss, a former friend, your parent, your child, etc.
How you do anything is how you do everything. Fix one relationship. Watch all of them heal spontaneously.
What do you think really goes on in your soulmate partnership?
Ready to discover the secrets to have amazing relationships and completely change your life? Click here for your free videos revealing 3secrets you can use today to change your relationship from from where it is to where you it to be.

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How to Meet and Be With Your Soulmate

couple copySo you want to know how to meet and be with your soulmate?
Most people totally misunderstand the entire concept of soulmate.
Somehow the media glamorized the idea of soulmate as people who are perfectly compatible and therefore live in perfect harmony.
Actually soulmates exists to bring out the best in each other. That result does not always happen in a supportive manner.
Sometimes a soulmate pushes all the buttons of their partner. Sometimes they are violent and dangerous to the person.
People learn what they came here to learn in all kinds of ways. Someone who mistreats you could well be your soulmate.
What? Yup. You see someone nasty, even violent, causes you to step out of your comfort zone–regardless of how uncomfortable you feel–your know zone still feels safer that the mysterious unknown.
So when you find yourself in a relationship where you get to be all you can be you may well be in that relationship with your soulmate. You really love the person you become when you are with that person.
Ah, that is the criteria for knowing when you are in love. However the person who leaves you feeling so wonderful and powerful may not be your soulmate. Determine if he or she is your soulmate by measuring your growth, your own soul’s growth.
All that said, I do not mean to imply your soulmate will not be someone gentle, loving, kind–whatever you put out to the Universe as your desire. Just live with awareness of your spiritual status.
The bottom line is we are each responsible for how our world looks. That includes out degree of happiness. It is never a question of, “When I am with my soulmate I feel good and when I am not with my soulmate I feel bad.” You create your happiness. You create your unhappiness.
So how do you attract your soulmate? People always find themselves attracted to people of like energy. You can only attract who you are.
So write a list of the traits of your soulmate, your desired partner. Then see which ones you need to develop yourself so you can attract someone like you.
You will attract the person you are. Always – even when you wonder how this certain person happened into your world. Sometimes we see in others parts of us we will not see in ourselves. For that reason make certain you are the person you want to be in life before sending your desire to meet your soulmate out to the Universe.

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6 Second Relationship Healing

Six seconds can dramatically change how you feel – emotionally AND physically. NO kidding! And this method costs nothing. Ah, but you also want to know why you need 4, 8, or 12 of these to survive and thrive.

What the heck am I talking about?

The information in today’s video post is so vital to every aspect of your well being and happiness I took time to guide you through the what, how and why of 6, 4-8-12 .

The video is longer than usual. Watch it to the end. You will be glad you did – very glad and very pleased. It could save your relationships – and possibly your life.

Please click LIKE and share to make a difference for you and someone you care about with whom you want a better connection. Oh yeah, it also works for professional relationships.

Thanks for understanding my voice stuff. Now I know not to practice a song if I want a voice to sing it on the video. ūüėČ See the song lyrics below the video.

The Power of Touching and Hugging

The power of touch       Every creature              Needs it so muchIt’s much more than a crutch
To get you through    the day

Touch is vital to your well being
Pre-requisite to your seeing

All that’s good and perfect in your world

Flip a frown around
No matter the cause

The miracle hormone
Connects you to others
Instantly building empathy and trust

Reminding you we are all
sisters and brothers

Trust is a must
I’ll tell you
more in a minute        Revealing the beauty and the power                            And the love that’s in it

When you hug you connect heart-to-heart

I will show you how

You release the miracle hormone
And you feel like you took
A happy drug

When you hug

When you hug                     All that felt bad just        moments ago        Immediately takes a diveHey, this is no jive, my friend

A hug and a touch can put an end
To all kinds of pain and misery

It happens instantly!        Oh yes, and it is FREE!

And you recognize the truth
We are all connected as ONE

Feeling the great feeling
makes your life more fun

Have you gotten your 4 hugs today?
Have you given 4 hugs away?

The more you hug
the better you feel
The more you touch
You know just how real
natural healing and       feeling wonderful can be.

Hug someone today.

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Relationship Mistakes – and Solutions

What if you knew the top 7 mistakes people make that ruin relationships AND what if you new what to do instead? Do you think that would make a difference for you?

I wrote the book, making only slight changes, under two different titles. You can find the Kindle and paperback versions here. This is a Best Seller book. the Kindle version includes a huge gift. If you choose to purchase the paperback email me and I will send the huge gift to you.

In 16 years as a healthcare practitioner I discovered everything in life is about relationship disconnects – everything. I am talking emotional, physical and spiritual issues – everything. discover how to do create ONLY successful relationships and change your whole life.

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Change From the Outside In

Amy Cuddy’s expertise lies in teaching people how to affect change, not starting within, as most people teach, but starting by acting as if and becoming who you create yourself to be–in two minute pops!
Click SHARE to and LIkE to let everyone you know get happier. After all, when you are happy and they are happy too, how much more wonderful can your life become?

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