No Television – One Key to Find Success

Spend time with highly successful people. One startling difference will hit you when you enter their homes. If they have a television set, but it is not the focal point of the room decor. AND it is rarely turned on.

Wealthy successful people have one room in their homes that less successful people lack.

Can you guess which room that could be? The library. Even if no one reads to them at home, having books around impacts the intelligence of kids. When adults read to their kids, they create even smarter kids!

A very powerful combination for success is keeping the television off and reading.

Reading opens worlds to the mind. Instead of someone telling you exactly what the haunted house looks like, you get to use your imagination to take the author’s word pictures and translate them into your very own private illustrations. That is one-reason non-picture books are so much more entertaining to read.

When you read you exercise your brain. What you don’t use you lose.

What if the increasing dementia in the US is the result of people spending more time mindlessly staring at the tube, never having to think at all?

Imagine all the activities you can do when the television no longer captivates you. I think many people are addicted to television. I often see people making their social schedules around particular television shows. They can actually tell you what shows are on which stations at what times.

Imagine driving that kind of memory toward income producing activity! You could start a new business with that brain power. Hmm. Even in this day of video recorders many people feel a “need” to be home in time to catch their “fix.”

Still others protest that they are not watching. The television is just on because it makes noise. Hmm. Talking to people makes noise, too. And it connects you in the process. Imagine deepening a relationship. How valuable would that be for you-and them?

If you live alone, guess what, some time ago Alexander Graham Bell invented this nifty device. You pick it up and hold it to your ear. You punch in some numbers and, oh my goodness-your friend or relative speaks to you through the device. And you never have to leave your home.

What a novel idea! Interacting with people you love!

I could run on for pages. I think you get my point. The more you exercise your mind, the smarter you become. The smarter you become, the more successful you will be in life. If you spend the time creating income that you currently spend watching television, you would be taking more vacations, spending more free time relaxing-what else?

I challenge you to unplug your television for one month.

That includes watxching shows on other media like the computer or smart phone. You need to take a whole month because if you are like most people, you will have withdrawal symptoms while learning your new behaviors.

The bottom line is only you can change your life…when you are ready to do so. Change comes from within. Knowing the programs running your subconscious mind allows you to override what does not work and replace it with programs that do work. Discover the basics of conscious living in my ebook and 2 CD set What You Don’t Know You Don’t Know Runs You. Click here to grab your complimentary copy of the ebook NOW.

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2 Responses to No Television – One Key to Find Success

  1. We went without TV for 17 years. We inherited one, but it doesn’t get channels, we just watch the occasional DVD. It does give us more time together, but we are thought to be odd. We watch things we want to watch–not just to have something on — and often talk throughout about what we are seeing.

    • Ali Bierman says:

      When people watch something together and talk about it then it becomes a shared event. When people plop down and watch without sharing anything, as in a movie theater, then you have blocked communication. Sometimes you want to just focus on the film, show, etc. nd then talk afterward. Sometimes you get so involved you go into a deep space of thought and want to process alone. People do what they want to do in the moment. I feel TV is dangerous when it stops people from thinking and doing–as in couch potatoes.
      I also find that habit to be a health destroyer. The hours spent plopped in front of the screen could bused to keep in shape. And for those who complain they can’t [ay their bills but they have time to veg out–well, no further comment.

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