No Silver Bullets

I grew up in the days of singing cowboys and that masked stranger (stranger than what?) The Lone Ranger. (He wasn’t a lone sort of guy. His faithful companion, Tonto, rode with him. Consider that contradiction ponderance #1.

The second thing to think about–how come he used silver bullets? Was he healing the people whom he shot? Silver heals, you know.

Okay. Enough nonsense. Actually, I do wonder about those two things. If you have an answer or just want to throw in your proposal please leave a comment. And please click the “like” button below.

Now to the point:
What is the meaning of the term silver bullet? It serves as the cure all, something that will heal you.

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  1. Actually, silver kills. If you had a silver bullet lodged in your organ, it would cause cellular activity to be retarded or completely impeded. That way if the actual wound did not kill you, the bullet’s presence would.
    Silver works externally in the same way- on the microbes that want to invade your body. Once inside, silver does not discriminate- cellular actions are affected.
    re: the Lone Ranger… Another example of how racism was tolerated- or even promoted- by Hollywood and the TV industries. He was lone, because only “white man” counted…

    • Ali Bierman says:

      Whoa! I had no idea, Roy about any of what you mentioned. I make my own colloidal sliver and know that heals. I would not over-do or take anything I don’t know about..

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