No Coincidences

Everything happens for a beautiful and Divine reason, yes?

I needed a square picture frame today–had no idea of the dimensions. I had the artwork with me.

As I went to enter the store, right in front of the door, in the clearance sale bin was–you guessed it–my frame in the right shape, size, and color.

I went into the store to see if there were other choices. Nope. That was the only frame in the right size and it had presented itself to me where I would not miss it–at a greatly reduced price to boot.

Every day, when I make my energy ball for the day I ask the Universe to give me a gift that makes me smile and feel good. I always get more than one because I look for them. The picture frame was a big gift today! I had thought I was going to need to order a custom frame.

What has the Universe given you today?

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