Clear Vision or Naiveté

When I was a kid a national magazine posted the question, “Why were we made?” They published my reply. Was it naiveté or was I seeing beyond appearances when I wrote, “To build, create and enjoy the wonderful world in which we live.”

I do not recall ever being a kid. I mean thinking or acting like one (other than climbing trees and playing sports). I always read between the lines of book. Only my teachers understood my comments and interpretations.

The first time a teacher called me a philosopher reflected one of those usual situations. This teacher happened to be a rabbi and what I did was tie together prophecies with events that came to pass. My classmates were clueless.


You see, I was always comfortable being the me I am. Hmm. In school and in small groups, that is. In large groups of strangers I was about the shyest person ever.

My mom thought she was protecting me when she told others I was shy. All it did was reinforce the label.

Took me well into my adult years to realize I made the choice to be shy and quiet. When that reality hit me I chose to be otherwise and the shyness instantly vanished.

In every moment you get to choose who you are.

When you feel your world is not working the way you want it to rather than looking outside yourself to blame someone or something, take a look within and discover you, your True Self.

How will you ever meet someone you want to spend time with until you feel comfortable being inside your own skin?

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    • Ali Bierman says:

      Thank yo fro reminding me to add that to this page–got lost when I changed themes. You can simply click the icon at the top on the right. I appreciate you spreading the word. Relationships that work drive the world!

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