Love Your Self First – 5 Tips to Discover Who You Are yourself first. It is not selfish. It is mandatory.

Ostensibly, you cannot give what you do not have. Without love for yourself you cannot know what love is. Without knowing and experiencing love you find it impossible to love another person.

The best you can do is know is about love. Knowing about something is not the same thing as living it, feeling it and experiencing it.

To love your Self first, you need to know who you are, your True Self. These five tips will lead you on a path of Self realization:

1. Discover who you really are. Your True Self is who you were at birth, before anyone labeled you, or put thoughts into your head about how smart or how useless you are. Discover the difference between your ideas of you, and the ideas playing in your head that you think are actually you – but aren’t.

2. You are not what you do. You are not what you make. You are pure Spirit, a Divine Being occupying a human body to experience growth in Earth School.

Sound silly?

Take a look across your life. You will notice the same theme continues to reoccur with different names and faces playing the roles in the script you wrote for your Self. You will keep doing “it” until you get “it” right!

Remember what Einstein said about insanity? He defined insanity as doing the same thing over and over expecting different results. Just ain’t gonna happen!

3. How will you know when you are living Your Very Excellent Life? What will your day look like?

Write down everything you experience on your perfect day. Use great detail gathering information from all your senses. Remember to see Your Very Excellent Life by looking out through your own eyes at your world, rather than seeing yourself as a character in a movie.

Do that exercise now.

You see, you need to know how to tell when you arrive at your destination, otherwise you may miss it, go right by, and then wonder what happened for the rest of your life.

4. Now that you have clarity around where you really want to be, describe your current situation in great detail. To know how to draw the map from here to there, you need to know the “here.”

Feel gratitude for all you are, for all you do, and for all you have. And it is okay to want more. Oh yes, also feel gratitude for all you are not, all you do not do and all you do not have: you are not a racist, you do not manipulate and take advantage of others, you do  not have a dreaded disease.

5. To make room for the new, you must first remove the old. Now that you see your current wealth, go through all the things in your world and eliminate what you no longer use.

While you take the physical action of clearing useless items from your physical environment, remove excess baggage from your emotional storage places as well. The result? A clear mind and clear organized space.

Now you are ready to play out your life with full awareness.

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