Love Languages and Marriage Success

Your marriage may feel rocky because you and your spouse speak different love languages. Neither of you feels truly loved by the other. Is that accurate?

What do I mean by love languages?

Only when your spouse does or says what you need him or her to say or do will you feel loved. The catch is that your spouse likely has an entirely different way to express and to feel love and has no idea your needs are not being met.

Oh yeah, and your spouse’s needs to feel loved are also not being met for the same reason – different love languages keep you disconnected and at odds with one another – all without your awareness of what is happening.

I feel loved by another person when someone spends time with me, paying attention to me fully at 100% without thinking about their needs or creating what they alone want from me or a given situation.

You see, for me love is being real and being present with me. I also enjoy touching, especially hugs. After all, Virginia Satir, the founder of Family Therapy, said that we need 4 hugs a day to survive, 8 to get by, and 12 to thrive.

Have you ever noticed how your outlook shifts when someone hugs you or gently touches your hand?

Touch is a human need. A baby will die if it is not touched. Seniors are more prone to dementia if they have no friends or touching in their lives.

Do you know what love is for you? Do you know what your spouse needs to feel loved?

This video reveals how to save your marriage using modes of communication that are critical yet happen out of your awareness.

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