Love: Do You REALLY Know What Love Is?

In my work and life experience with thousands of people over very many years, i discovered that very few people know what love is. Therefore they have no clue how to love – how to create or maintain a state of love with a partner.

Not all that surprising since no one teaches you what love is. You guess at it by observing your parents, relatives, friends and, poor but frequent choice, the movies and other media. Since you can only do what you know, the sad result so prevalent in a world with a high divorce rate for both first and second marriages, reflects sharing faulty information, definitions and techniques.

The most important lesson only a handful of people know is that you must, absolutely must, love yourself first.

Very few people love themselves. So when they think they fall in love they do so for inaccurate reasons. When those reasons no longer apply they think they fell out of love.

Love happens differently when you come from a place of loving yourself first. You experience a whole new reality when you live life from that center. And you will finally know what love truly is all about.

When you are happy being you, when you love, honor and respect yourself fully, then, and ONLY then, do you allow your partner to fully be who he or she is and vice-versa. No relationship can possibly work unless BOTH partners fully love themselves first.

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4 Responses to Love: Do You REALLY Know What Love Is?

  1. Amethyst says:

    Great post, Ali! This is one of those things I am still iffy on. Those of us who grew up with terrible relationship examples in general didn’t really have a good guide for how to love ourselves. After many years of trial and error, I got to a good point where I thought I knew. However, my husband has shown me that I am really still a bit clueless on the issue. Without his example I would have never started to figure things out. And then, I guess I would still be waiting.

    Um, I just don’t know. I’m a bit rambly on this particular issue. 🙂

    • Ali Bierman says:

      You did an amazing job of attracting exactly the person you needed, huh? Great that you make the efoort to really understand because until you know what has to happen for you to feel love how can you tell your partner what to do? And, of course, ask your partner what love is to him so you can take the actions that let him know how much you love him. Problem is people love others as they define love for themselves which rarely matches your partner’s definition.
      Make sense? I believe this is a must-have conversation for lovers.

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    • Ali Bierman says:

      Thanks for your comment. I purchased this theme and then I set up the design. Thank your letting me know you like the simplicity. I do too, obviously–no distractions and everything is easy to find.

      You may purchase this theme here:

      The tutorials are very good. This is a unique theme that allows me to create a membership site–which will happen in time.

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