Shocking Secret Reveals How to Stop Trying And Actually Live In Happiness

So you want to know how to stop trying to live in happiness and actually live in happiness?

I understand how you feel. In fact, I spent years reading books and attending seminars live and on the phone trying to figure out how to live in happiness. So I understand what you are going through.

But I have a secret for you.

I know exactly how to live in happiness now and you can too.

No matter how hard I searched and how much money I spent on all kinds of programs—happiness eluded me because…

Want to know the secret?
You just do it—you decide you are happy right now. Guess what?
The moment you decide you are happy right now—you will be happy right away.

Are you kidding around, Ali?

Nope. That is fact.

You see, the moment you decide you are happy now you send a message to your brain and your mind. Immediately your brain and mind start searching for evidence of your being happy now.

So how do you simply be happy? You do that in multiple ways.

1. Look at things differently.

See the red light as a chance to make a cell phone call safely—instead of being a pain! Rather than feel bad about not having new shoes you feel grateful you have feet to wear shoes.

2. Even better, as soon as you feel grateful for everything you already have, the Universe will kick in and give you even more to be grateful for!

Yes—that is how the Universe works. Show gratitude for every little thing in your world to multiply your bounty—and your happiness.

3. Be grateful for things you do not have like illness or discomforts, or pests in your home (of all sizes).

4. Compare your life to that of the rest of the world. You will see that you won the lottery of life. After all, you have access to a computer and know how to use it. You can read and type. You have a home and food. All your needs are met. WOW!

Warning: Do not neglect the above! Make sure to take this advice seriously if you want to live in happiness.

OF course you instantly switch to happiness when you follow the three steps I discussed in this post.

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10 Responses to Shocking Secret Reveals How to Stop Trying And Actually Live In Happiness

  1. Suerae Stein says:

    Hi Ali – this is terrific advice and so true! I read somewhere that if you wrote down all your troubles on a piece of paper and threw them into a hat with everyone else and had to pick one of the papers in the hat for what troubles to have, you’d rummage through to get your own piece of paper back. We need to learn to be grateful for what we have and be happy in the moment. Thank you for a great post! ~ Suerae

    • Ali Bierman says:

      Wow! I never heard that about the troubles in the hat. Seems accurate to me. Thanks for sharing, Suerae.
      When I was nine I created what I called my “You think You’ve Got Troubles” sculpture/doll. It was a very rotund man, bald head, down-trodden facial expression–dressed like a monk in a green robe.
      Back in those days overweight people were the exception not the norm. Whenever I felt bad I jus looked at this pathetic little guy and felt better about me and my own life. While I no longer have the actual sculpture (gave it to someone) I certainly carry a vivid picture of it in my heart and when I feel my life is more than I can handle I remind myself that someone somewhere has it much worse.
      Then I feel the gratitude you speak of AND remember nothing comes without solutions and lessons. Watch for my Tuesday post on how to get happy instantly–it really works. i am interested in knowing what you think about it.
      BTW, I am really big on names. I never heard your name before. How do you say it? What does it mean?

  2. Nancy Rose says:

    I love the be grateful for what you have. The grass is always greener on the other side is always looking for something better, which of course we all know, it’s not greener on the other side. I choose to be happy!

    • Ali Bierman says:

      Yes, Nancy–the grass really isn’t greener over yonder. MAny years ago I had two friends who smiled all the time and seemed to be just p[lain happy. Then I got to know them well and the bottom lilne is neither of them was happy–not inside. Crises threw them for a loop and a half!

  3. Funny how we look for happiness everywhere else but inside our own heart. Be happy now. It really IS that simple. One you DECIDE to be happy, it happens. No, life still throws the curve balls, but the happiness sticks around because it’s on the inside! Nice post!

    • Ali Bierman says:

      Very well put, Martha. I’ve said it in 1000+ ways and still; catch myself forgetting to just smile and be happy–instantly.

  4. Wonderful post!
    And so true from my experience.
    Thank you for sharing these steps! 🙂

    • Ali Bierman says:

      Thanks for sharing your experience of the same thing. Seems so obvious–make a decision and do it! How come we make things so hard? I sure am grateful for like-minded people!

  5. Kama says:

    Ali, so true. I often ask my clients to think of something sad and then to think of something happy so they can feel the difference in their body. In my book The Happy Migrant – Your Relocation Survival Guide I talk about how it is not possible to be in two frames of mind at the same time. In other words as you have said, we can choose to be happy then we wont be feeling unhappy. So simple yet not always so easy to grasp.

    • Ali Bierman says:

      Interesting, isn’t it, Kama. Seems like being happy should be so obvious and easy. I think it was once upon a time–our natural way of being. Now we make an effort to do it,. At lest we can form the new habit and return to our natural way. 😉 Thanks for sharing your experience.

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