Discover Your Life Purpose With a Crayon and Large Sheet of Paper (1 of 2)

Until you know your life purpose you will never find true or complete happiness in any area of your life.

Not knowing the reason you are here in this lifetime, finding your path to happiness is, well, very confusing. Without a definite direction any crossroad will take you off in a new direction. Any invitation from friends, colleagues or the media will flicker before you as bright shiny objects hypnotizing you to follow.

So you find yourself going down one dead end after another without ever feeling fulfilled or satisfied that you are indeed making the difference you came here to make.

Hmm. What to do?

One method uses a pen and paper and words. That method begins by accessing your left-brain and moving into your creative insightful right brain. This method begins in your right brain and may bring you even more information than you already discovered if you did the pen and paper technique.

Of course this teachnique (not a typo) alone may provide the answers or at least the clues you seek as to what reason you chose to be here on earth at this time living your own life as you are,

If you can handle sitting on the floor know that position is optimal for this adventure. If not then sit at a table. Your comfort is important you do not want any distractions from awkward arm or leg positions or ouches in your back, okay?

No right or wrong here. Do what fits for you.

Okay, now take a large, I mean poster-sized, piece of paper or even a sheet of poster board. If choosing poster board allow your Spirit to choose the color. Do not question the color your Spirit chooses. Do not second-guess or change your mind. Go with your initial gut reaction.

Your Spirit knows what you are about to do and is moving you faster toward your goal. Got that?

Excellent. During this entire fun project go with whatever comes to you. Your ego mind (your conscious mind where, believe you-me, your solutions never lie) will try to hijack you, Remember, your ego mind houses all the reasons (AKA excuses) to stay stuck in your uncomfortable comfort zone. Say, “Thank you for sharing” to quiet the Commentator of your Ego.

Now, open a box of large sized crayons. We are not talking the 128 colors. We are talking a handful, probably eight basic BIG crayons for which fine motor skills are not necessary and you can feel absolutely free to do whatever you feel moved to do.

Maybe you will get the message to tear off the crayon paper and use the crayon on its edge. Maybe you will feel like grabbing as many crayons in one fist as you can hold and draw multiple colorful lines simultaneously.

I don’t know what will come up for you I do know that what does come up reflects your direct access of your subconscious mind. Ah, yes, realize the goal of this teachnique. By the way, what you call your intuition or sixth sense is your Spirit speaking to you.

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