Left Brain Vs Right Brain Living

As people get older they move from left brain to right brain thinking.

As people get older they usually find themselves moving away from their left brain where the ego mind runs the show into their right brain where their intuition allows them to discover the 99% of reality that exists beyond what the 5 senses detect.

Getting in touch with your Higher Self offers a reliable quick start on that journey to form some new habits that will change your experience of life.  Meditation fulfills that purpose for many people including me. I thought perhaps sharing how I begin and end my day might give you some ideas to get you started.

Before getting out of bed I begin my meditation

I do so in many steps. First I say a special blessing for every name on the Healing List of my ministry. Then I move to my personal intention. That means I request what I seek a solution to.

From there I move into speaking my truth as God repeating the traits that characterize the Source (love, abundance, giving and receiving, etc.) After all, each of us is a Divine Spirit, a part of that All-Is-One. How do I do that? With these words, “God is love. I am God. I am love” and so on.

Next I ask for 3 things I want to do an even better job of in life, like, “Show me how to do an even better job of hearing my Spirit’s guidance today.” Why? I acknowledge that I already do something well and know I can do it even better–when I know how. I do the “what” and The Universe does the “how.”

Before ending my meditation, I form an energy ball for that day. I request what I intend to experience that day like doing something fun, eliminating judgments, feeling compassion for others, and always I ask for a gift from the Universe that leaves me feeling happy and calm.

I do all of that before getting out of bed. Yes, it takes a while. I wake up very early, often before even a hint of the sunrise.

Then I get up and look in my mirrors.

My  two mirrors sit on right angle walls so I get two views of me! (Realize this is me who never used to look in mirrors at all!)  and I power myself into my day. I probably sound like a Southern Baptist minister leading a revival. I get fired up!

Finally I scan the 72 Names of God in Aramaic, something I learned from the Kabbalah. And, when I am completely in my routine, I workout.

You know what? If I miss any part of it my day just flows differently and my energy feels lower. I’ve been doing most of this routine since 1997. You know it is habit. And habits form futures.

Yes, my routine takes a while.

Precisely the reason why, when I turn on my computer I set my Mind Movie to play all day long.

Mind Movie?

You heard of a vision board, yes? Well, a Mind Movie is a vision board made into a movie with music added. PLUS I  control how visibly it displays–so I can see through it while doing my work or I watch it solidly fill up my screen. Oh yeah, I control the volume of the music too.

So all day long, regardless of what I do on the computer, I get audio and visual subliminal or full-out visions of my desires playing into my subconscious mind making new programs to replace the old negative ones that keep me stuck.
Simple, isn’t it?

Very. It takes just minutes to create one when you have the software. If you want the details click here or on Mind Movies over on the sidebar.

Now why would I want to do make and run a Mind Movie?

Well, you see how much time I invest to get my head in the best place each morning, right? Why in the world would I take a chance on letting my mind run the same old negative programs all day long that it tends to do? Everyday you think 95% of the same 65,000 thoughts you thought the day before. That much negative stuck energy would absolutely cancel out all my morning ritual results and evening results put together.

No way will I let that happen! I deserve the bet of everything. How about you?

Bedtime is for gratitude.

I also will not go to sleep at night until I’ve written at least 5 things for which to be grateful for that day. Not only does that habit keep me looking for things for which to be grateful and tell the Universe I do that (so I constantly receive more for which to be grateful) but it sets that energy into my subconscious mind so while I sleep my Spirit (your subconscious mind and Spirit are the same thing) works on gratitude too. No wonder I usually sleep so well.

Sounds like a lot, huh? Well I started with the meditation and exercise.

Only injuries keep me from exercising. Nothing keeps me from meditation because I can do that any place!

Start with one step you enjoy or you will not do it.

Create a habit that will change how you live your life.




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18 Responses to Left Brain Vs Right Brain Living

  1. I think a routine is essential to having a good day. I start mine with gratefulness, meditation, and then three pages of stream of consciousness writing. It’s amazing what I hear God say to me during that quiet time.

    Also, the end of the day’s routine is so important. I always write down three things that I want to accomplish for the next day. That way, my brain can work on the “how” part while I’m asleep. Sometimes I even put things that I can’t imagine how they could ever happen and eventually, they usually do!

    Great post!

    • Ali Bierman says:

      I totally agree with you, Martha. I got some interesting reactions to this piece–which I expected. So many people consider getting up and going to work their routine. Of course it is but not an empowering one.They missed the point of the post.
      My experience duplicates yours–if I miss either routine I note a difference on my day or night.
      I too meditate for all my solutions. So amazing how you get such clarity and information in the silence. Well, not really. In my ministry I teach getting in touch with your Spirit and with the Universe so you catch all those messages coming at you all day long.
      I used to do my list at night. I never paid attention to how my next-day ran. I may start doing that one again. It totally makes sense. Hey, the subconscious handles whatever we throw at it! Thanks for sharing your routines.

  2. Nancy Rose says:

    I’ve never heard of a mind movie. I will now make one. I also have my routine in the morning and evening and feel out of place when I don’t do it all. I recently learned that to integrate your day better, do a mental review of all that happened during the day, in order, and that way your mind can digest your day. So often our minds don’t shut off, and this has been a great tool to add to my practice

    • Ali Bierman says:

      Fantastic, Nancy. Thank you for sharing. So many people grind their teeth in their sleep to literally take the edge off their day. I wonder how many people would save not just their teeth but the zillions of health issues that result from sending your jaw out of line with grinding. I am going to incorporate that one tonight. Does it mean being more alert? I usually wait until I am ready to drop off to do my gratitude shares so i fall asleep right afterward. Perhaps I need to do that one earlier in the evening.

  3. Jodi says:

    So many great ideas.

    I have been revamping my mornings with a new habit each month.

    For the coming month I will incorporate the three things I want to do even better that day. I like the concept of asking the universe for guidance while acknowledging I am already doing it well.

    “Show me how to do an even better job at _________ today.”

    Love it!
    Thank you!

    • Ali Bierman says:

      Great choice, Jodi. I’ve been doing that one for 7 years now. It sends such a powerful message both to the Universe AND to your subconscious mind. Let us know how things change for you!

  4. I like tests. Anyone else??

  5. Tonda Kinser says:

    Strange this post is totaly unrelated to what I was searching google for, but it was listed on the first page. I guess your doing something right if Google likes you enough to put you on the first page of a non related search.

    • Ali Bierman says:

      I had that happen once–a totally unrelated page came up taking me to something I really needed to know about. Figure there are no accidents. Perhaps one of my posts has a message for you–though I would have thought the page where you landed would be it.

  6. The idea sure is actually interestng, I hope I am aware the idea sooner.

    • Ali Bierman says:

      Cool, Ahmad. i came to this observation by watching how others change as they age. The usual pattern includes a deep search for spirituality and the why of living. All those involves the right brain. I just started writing on that subject–not sure if it will be a Special Report or a book.

  7. Apteka says:

    Thank you for another magnificent post. Where else could anyone get that kind of info in such a perfect way of writing? I have a presentation next week, and I’m on the look for such information.

  8. randka uk says:

    I like this post, enjoyed this one regards for putting up.

  9. Sarah Says says:

    What a beautiful way to start the day. I have really wanted to include more meditation in my day to live a life with purpose and peace. I’m feeling inspired.

    • Ali Bierman says:

      Do whatever works for you, Sarah. Seek recommendations, ask others what they do but never let anyone tell you the right way to meditate because there is no right way. No matter what is going on in my world I meditate every morning. I get answers I seek and guidance to live my day. If i forget then my day runs not as smoothly–which reminds me to stop what I am doing and meditate!

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