Judgment: What is Judgment?

http://howtohaveamazingrelationships.com/People who criticize others note behaviors they see (or imagine they see) in others that they refuse to acknowledge in themselves. Pay attention to the particular criticisms you hear to understand what lies hidden beneath the surface and probably out of awareness for the one who judges.

Also know that anyone judges others poses harsh judgment on himself or herself. People who judge others tend to criticize others too. The fact is positive crtiticims does not exist. All criticism is criticism, again speaking to the inadequacies within the one who complains.

Someone who likes and honors himself and others has n9ot need to criticize but rather acknowledges what happened and suggests another possible way to handle the same situation.

Before speaking, stop and ask yourself if the words you are about to speak serve the other person and yourself too. If not then do not speak them.

Can you imagine how powerful that knowledge can be in your romantic relationship? Speak to honor with respect. Speak to educate and help, never to harm.

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