The Infinite Supply Of…

Everything exists in an infinite supply.

Are you nuts, Ali?

There is a thinking substance of which all things are made and which permeates the interspaces between all things as well. You may call that intelligent substance God, Universe, Source. The name does not matter. What matters is a thought in that substance causes the thing you think about to manifest–assuming you do not run contrary programs in your subconscious mind that cancel out your desire.

If those words sound familiar it’s because the concepts come from the book that led Rhonda Byrne to change her life and create The Secret phenomenon. That books is Wallace D. Wattles, The Science of Getting Rich. If you do not own your own copy leave a comment–I will send one right over.

Pleas hit the “like” button below and, if you have not yet done so, get access to the video revealing the #1 secret of what causes you to attract who you do–instead of who you want to attract.

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2 Responses to The Infinite Supply Of…

  1. Michelle Holland says:

    I do not have the Science of getting rich. I am trying to pull more work into my environment. Prayers are great but I am seeking all forms of positive energy.
    Hope you are recovering well.

    • Ali Bierman says:

      Thanks for your comment and well wishes, Michelle. The road back has not been the smooth one the surgeon hoped for–yet he did warn me it cold be this rocky–or should i say with boulders!I will send a copy of The Science of Getting Rich. I am glad you asked for it. It really is a insightful work when you apply it to the concept of rich being more than just money. Look for the link in your email.

      I LOVE your email address. YES!

      I apologize for the delay. Today is the first time my sites have gone live after a major hack attack in January. Today is also the first day, recovering from major brain surgery, I have been able to get back into being online. I appreciate your patience as I slowly make my way back into this world.


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