Hurt: What Others Do To You and What You Do To Others

Taking responsibility for how you feel is paramount.

No one hurts anyone without permission given by the so-called victim. Experiences interpreted as hurtful often result from failure to love oneself enough to speak up – not after a few days of the silent treatment but while the behavior is happening. That way the person understands exactly what you mean, precisely how they act when you feel hurt.

People often cause hurts because the one who interprets the behaviors as hurtful fails to tell the “doer” that particular behavior bothers them. Most people do not want to hurt others. They have no clue they do it.

How many people did you hurt and never knew you did it?

You’d be surprised to learn that answer. I recommend asking those closest to you if you do or did anything that  hurt them so you can clear out emotional issues you do not know exist between you and them.

No kidding. Do it now.

Please do not put it off. Bottom line? Those hurts seethe within your “victims” messing with their physical,  emotional and spiritual health. Ah, and those people also attach themselves to you with energetic cords causing  similar issues in you!


That pain in your neck may have its root in a cord connecting to your neck from your brother who lives in such a different paradigm from you that a rift exists keeping you from sharing a deeply close loving relationship.

Why the neck?

You do not want to turn and look at different possibilities. You lose some of your physical flexibility when you unknowingly lose it emotionally.

If you think you can close yourself off from others, seal your emotions behind a wall and never let anyone impact your well being, guess again. Many people currently are corded into you. Usually those cords connect into the back, the spine.

Not surprising that 8 out of 10 people suffer from back pain at some point in their lives, is it?

Not all “invisible” connections come as cords. The fact is that your body records every incident of your life in meridian points (the scientifically recorded and verified energy highways of the body as seen in Chinese medicine). Acupuncture works by releasing blocked points on meridians.

Energy also flows through centers called chakras. Modalities like Reiki and Amanahuna work by releasing energy that gets blocked or reversed in the chakra system.

Why share all that information about energy systems here and now? Until you really “get” that how you interact with others impacts you all the time you have no motivation to change that pattern or to eliminate the blocks that already exist within you.

What you do not know you do not know hurts you every time.

You may not feel the impact now. You will feel it later when its intensity screams in your face. Guaranteed!

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