How To Talk Directly With Your Spirit To Make Your Best Choices get accurate information to live your life without guessing, discover how to communicate directly with your Higher Self–your Spirit. How and why do you  access your Spirit?

The part of you that connects to the All-Is-One is your your Spirit, also known as your Higher Self.

Being the immortal part of you, it knows everything about your past, present and future. Sure, on an energy level time does not exist and everything happens simultaneously. But let’s focus here and now on the human plane.

Being privy to your soul path, your Spirit knows what actions serve your highest and best interest in every moment. For that reason your Spirit constantly guides you with messages you likely miss.

I teach you how to directly both receive and ask for what you need without using tools. After all, messages come at you non-stop guiding you to live your happy healthy life in every moment not just when you make big decisions. You don’t always have the time or need to pull out tools.

For example, what happens if you get lost?

You ask which way to turn. Ah, but you need to know how to “hear” the response. When I say lost, I mean on the roadway to a destination in every sense you choose  to interpret “lost”.

Unfortunately, most people have no clue that two-way communication exists. Nor do they have any idea how to access the incoming information. So they go through life guessing which choice will best serve their needs.

Some quick methods to access your main messages involve simple divination tools.

No, divination tools are not woo-woo. They reveal your Spirit’s wisdom.

Those I have seen or used in the past include a pendulum, tarot cards, rune stones and rune cards. You ask a question or hold the question in your heart then choose cards, toss the stones, or observe the movement of the pendulum

What actually happens is your Spirit guides you to choose exactly the cards that carry the message you need in the situation. Or the tossing of stones reveals the information. Or the pendulum moves in the “yes” or “no” direction providing your answer.

Ever notice how perfectly the reading fits for you? Now you know why. 

WIth the pendulum you ask questions that require yes/no responses and see which direction it moves. Obviously you need to know your “yes” direction swing and your “no” direction swing to benefit from the movement.

And, most importantly, you need to know how to test and prepare your body so you get accurate information. If your energy is misaligned (which happens for many reasons) then the information you get may actually be the opposite of the intended message.

Same holds true before using cards or stones. Always make certain your energy is flowing as it is meant to BEFORE using any tool.

Guess what happens if your head is in a negative place before using any deviation tool. The response will be negative.

Quantum physics proves that the outcome is always influenced by the observer.

So much for the scientific method. You see, simple mood shifts on your part will create vastly different responses. Framing the situation also influences the outcome.

What do I mean by framing? If your head is in a place where you see yourself as smart and powerful before taking an exam you will achieve very different results than you would if your mind told you how stupid and incompetent you are when it comes to test taking.

Happiness is your birthright. The Universe gifted you with access to your True Self.

Your Spirit is your True Self.

Imagine how different your world would look if you viewed it through the eyes of your True Self rather than through the eyes of your ego-drivine mind that now runs you.

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