How To Heal One Relationship and Heal Them All

Want to know how healing one relationship to heal all your relationships works so can do it for yourself and create miracles in your world? How would it feel to have an amazing relationship, the one made in heaven?

First of all consider that there no place outside of you called heaven exists. It is not a physical place. You have heard that the kingdom of heaven is within.

Simply, you create that perfect place of peace, calm and love when you choose to live in gratitude. I mean look at every little thing happening in your life–even the stubbed toe and storm that temporarily puts out your electricity.

Sound ludicrous when I tell you that everything that happens in your life gives you a reason to feel grateful?

Did you ever misplace your car keys and spend so much time finding them that you got out the door thinking you would be late for your appointment? And then you discovered a terrible accident happened on the highway that you would have been in if you had left the house five minutes sooner?

For you to discover heaven inside you, choose to become different than who and how you have lived life so far by interpreting every event as a loving experience meant for you to pay attention, to grow, and to change.

Suppose, for a moment, that the helicopter that just few overhead – and you heard it fly by even though you were busy doing something and usually you have no clue what is happening outdoors – was a sign for you to remember to connect with your Spirit. The fact that you heard that helicopter shows you were tuned in and receiving the messages from your Spirit.

Your Spirit sends you messages all day long, constantly offering you opportunities to move your life forward. Divine guidance works to present you with choices that allow you to grow.

Sometimes those choices are very difficult to make. In times of disappointment and confusion, in times of pain and tragedy, choosing to look for the gift in the situation so you know nothing happens in vain, presents a real challenge.

Hindsight reveals what you wish you could know at the time you must act –¬† the path that leads you to manifest your desired outcome.

You probably heard that  the meaning and value, the actual living of your life, happens in the journey not in reaching the destination.

You grow with each new step – and keep moving in the direction of your dreams.

Sometimes your path meanders so greatly you feel certain you took an unexpected detour. Yet when you persist and consistently put one foot in front of the other you do experience what life offers you. You do receive all the help you need to reach peace, happiness and health.

Your job is to perceive the non-stop messages from SPpirit and the Universe and take action

The reason that healing one relationship heals your relationships is who you have to become for that initial healing to happen.

What kind of mindset shifts must happen so you can take new steps into unchartered territory and develop new attitudes and behaviors?

To have something you’ve never had you must first choose to be someone you’ve never been who does things you’ve never done. Be. Do. Have.

Got it?

Become someone new. Do things to end the insanity of daily repetition yielding the same unsatisfactory results. And have your heavenly relationship, indeed your heavenly life. Your peace and well being lie in your becoming a person who lives in constant awareness and gratitude for all that is (and isn’t) in your world.

In the action of expressing the deep gratitude you feel you live in love.

With gratitude as a way of life you move out of knowing about and wishing for love and into living love. How you do anything is how you do everything. How you live in one relationship duplicates your pattern in all your relationships. Once you find the peace then you bring peace to every relationship.

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