Heroes and Loving Yourself

Heroes are not more brave than the next person. They love themselves, feel confident and live with faith in their own ability and in a Higher Power. Those factors allow them to act even when they feel fear or uncertainty.

When you examine the lives of people celebrated as heroes you find they acted as they did because for them, in that moment, they chose to take certain steps that others failed to do. They did not stop to think it over. They took immediate action to remedy a situation: to help someone in need or to move themselves to a new and better place.

Rarely do those whom we admire see their actions or, in many cases how they live their challenging lives every day, as doing anything other than what they needed to do.

After the brain injury left me struggling to make it through each day, many people told me how courageous I was. You know what? I made a choice to move forward with my life, no matter how hard it was, and grow and make my life count. I decided to make a difference for others despite the effort it took until I finally healed.

For me the choice was watch life go by (as millions of people do every year who suffer the same type of injury and functioning impairment) or jump in and figure out how to live every day to the fullest.

I saw no acceptable alternative.

When you know your purpose in the moment or in the daily stream, nothing stops you from doing whatever it takes to fulfill what you came here to do!


I never thought about it before. By making the choice I did what actually happened is I lived my life as if I was normal and fully functioning. In other words, without consciously making the decision to do so, I “acted as if” all was the way I desired my life to be.

See? It works!

I had not even heard of that concept at that time. The whole world that exists beyond what our five senses can detect was a compete unknown to me then—well, unknown to my conscious mind, anyway. Clearly my Spirit guided me back then—always does. I guess I started paying attention to the messages back then without knowing what I was doing.

I write to see what I am thinking. Right now I see a major breakthrough appearing in my reality.

What a huge gift!

Ah! But wait. Here is more.

Ever since I healed, I found myself very impatient with people who choose to stay stuck. You find those people in support groups—but not to get them through a trauma. I am talking about those who choose to stay focused on and therefore limited in life by what happened to them. Many build their identity on aligning with their label–be it, abuse survivor or the victim of some disease, etc.

I saw that truth n the brain injury support group I was in back in 1996. When I figured out how to heal and offered what I discovered and applied to the group not one person asked for help. Not one.

All these years I judged those people for choosing to use whatever trauma they endured as an excuse to not participate in or take responsibility for themselves. Let me tell you, when your functioning is severely impaired you have one great excuse for not taking responsibility for anything.

In this moment I just awakened to the fact that each of us walks our own unique path and it just is not possible to know the Spiritual path of another individual. Each of us is exactly where we need to be at any given moment.

I knew that in my head. Now I live it in my heart.

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  1. Great insight and perspective Ali!

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