Happiness is the Starting Place Not the End

The studies in the psychology of happiness started more than twenty-five years ago.. Yes. You can earn degrees, all the way up to a PhD, in happiness. A similar field, doing much research on happy vs unhappy people is known a Positive Psychology. Research all over the world demonstrates the correlation between happiness better heatlh, more fulfilling relationships, in finances and in life in general.

How come? What makes happy people more successful than those who do not live in happiness?

Happiness vibrations are very high frequency. Many of the things people desire in life vibrate at high frequencies. You can only attract into your life people, objects and circumstances that vibrate in harmony with your frequency.

In a nutshell, when you begin from a happy place you can attract all you want in life. If, however, you do not start out happy, you will not attract what you say you want.

Want a happy healthy relationship that lasts? Be happy first. Then find your mate. You will attract a mate living in happiness.

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